320 Birth, Marriage, and Death Record Collection Links from Canada


One of the main goals for genealogists is finding birth, marriage, and death (BMD) information about their ancestors.  

Over the past few decades, thanks to volunteers, librarians and archivists (as well as the largest of them all – FamilySearch), a great number of indexes to birth, marriage, and death collections have been provided for free online.  These searchable indexes provide specific BMD information, and often scanned images of the actual birth, marriage, and death certificates themselves. These free online collections have hundreds of millions of records in them in total.

There are a great number of online and offline collections that may include birth, marriage, and death information that are not included in the lists below. For example, newspapers, draft registration files, naturalization records, etc. have BMD info. To find out which types of other records may include BMD information, please see: 

The lists below are specific birth, marriage, and death indexes and record collections that are available for free online:

(Updated May, 2019; recently added links are in BOLD)

General Canada


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island





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  1. My Great Aunt Margaret Simpson, born Newtownards, Ireland 19 Nov 1868, emigrated to Canada, arriving 16 April 1920 and residing in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario. Last recorded in 1940 census return at #89 Kingsmill Avenue, Wellington, with daughter & son in law Robert Forsythe. No record of her on new Ontario Obituaries registry.
    No marriage for Daughter Margaret Bowers & husband Robert Forsythe on New Ontario Marriage Registry 1800 -+1927 for Wellington, Ontario. (Shown as married on 1935 census) , so hopefully they will appear on future marriage registry records between 1927 and 1935.

  2. Kia ora
    I have had enormous trouble trying to find my great grandparents marrige details. James McQuillen and Bridget Scully were married in Trenton, Canada between 1866 to 1870. They both hailed from Antrim. Northern Ireland. Are you able to offer any advice.

  3. Reta.
    I was able to find my Great Aunt on the recent Ontario updates on Ancestry.
    I have also found your great grandparents James McQuillen and Bridget Scully .
    Ancestry Canada; Ontario, Canada, Roman Catholic Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1796-1923.
    19/04/1869 Trenton, Ontario, Canada
    James McQuillan & Bridget Scally
    NOTE surname spelling.
    Transcript; James McQuillan Married April the nineteenth, Eighteen hundred + sixty nine, to Bridget Scally. Witnessed William McKillop & Margt McQuillan. HBrettagh PT.(priest).

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