3 Different and Cool Ways to Search Chronicling America’s Historic Newspapers


Source: Library of Congress
If you research online United States newspapers, it is likely that you have searched the Chronicling America site.  It is pretty easy to learn and has some very good features that are rarely found in other online newspaper research sites.

But this article is about 3 different “front ends” if you will, that enable searching the Chronicling America site very differently.  I will describe them below, and they are not presented in any preferred order.  All are very different.



The first, Elephind, is a product of DL Consulting, creators of the Veridian software. Elephind allows what is called a “Federated Search”, which allows one to search multiple online historic newspaper sites all at once. Currently you can search 24 different sites. Chronicling America is one of the collections, surpassed in size only by Trove from Australia. The collections are from all over the world, but 90% of the collections are from America.  
The key for this discussion though is that Chronicling America is one of the collections. The search capability is good, and doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that other sites do – but it is fast and accurate (and you can combine a CA search with state based collections.​)

​ It is cool that one can not only search Chronicling America but multiple sites from the U.S., all at the same time.

Old News USA


The second, Old News USA from Revgenea Software, is a mobile app, currently available on Android, and the iOS version later this year.  From the Revgenea website: “Designed for both genealogists and history enthusiasts, OldNews USA makes getting started with historical newspaper research easier than ever. With OldNews USA, you can quickly discover interesting stories and articles in historical US newspapers, using the Library of Congress Chronicling America collection of over 12 million newspaper pages from 1789 to 1922.” 

FYI, Revgenea won the RootsTech 2017 Innovator Showdown earlier this year in Salt Lake City. Personally, I have used this app quite a bit, and it has a wide variety of features.

It is cool that one can search Chronicling America from a mobile device.  Makes for being productive while waiting 15 minutes for an appointment.

US News Map


This search option provides a visual way to display search results from Chronicling America, and has a timeline “feel.” From the eHistory website – “In partnership with Georgia Tech Research Institute, eHistory launched USNewsMap.com in January 2016. The website allows users to search Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers and visualize the results across space and time.”  The search features are pretty basic, but do the job.  It is in the display where this software shines.

It is cool because of the display features of the search results. Seeing visually where in the U.S. the Chronicling America search results are located is terrific.  (Hat tip to Lisa Louise Cook for making me aware of this. Check out her SIte for a video of this software).


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