8 Free Genealogy and Newspaper Research Quick Reference Guides

In the past couple of months, I have been inspired to create what I call Quick Sheets, more commonly called Quick Reference Guides. There now are a total of 32 of them.

This article has been surpassed by the latest update:

32 Free Genealogy and Newspaper Research Quick Reference Guides

Please click on the above link to access all the latest pdfs, many of which have been updated and/or reformatted.
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  1. Thank you, very useful information, You might want to add a place to update with other diseases like my grandma died of Brights disease which is a form of kidney failure (it took me a lot of research pre internet to figure out just what it was or other useful hints to expand your charts one hint I didn’t notice that I like to tell people is : “Remember to search a variety of names (ie Louisa Pace, Mrs. Wm Pace, Mrs. William Pace). “

  2. Thank you Melea Allan – I had never thought of doing a search like that even though I got irritated when a woman’s obituary, etc. only listed her as Mrs., the wife of…..

  3. Kenneth Marks – thank you so much for developing and sharing these pages. They will be very helpful I’m sure.

  4. Thank you so much for doing this for us. It should be very useful when trying to find ancestors that I can’t find.

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to create these and share them with us. There are 2 in there that fit in with one of my current delima.

  6. Thank you for the cheat sheets they will be very helpful. I will put them into my research binder. I have been following you for a long time and enjoy your blog posts. Thank you for all the work that you do. Take care and stay safe.

  7. These are amazing! Thank you for sharing! I’d love to see more of this kind of thing if anyone comes across any others that would also be helpful in doing genealogy!

  8. Thank you for putting these together and sharing! I learned about you from the Family Tree Notebooks FaceBook page….

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