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As any reader of this site knows, a lot of the content is related to newspaper research for genealogy.

Recently I added a Flipboard to the assortment of tools related to this subject. On this Flipboard, entitled “Boost Your Genealogy Research with Newspapers,” I post all types of pertinent information about newspaper research, not just articles that I have written.

So if you are interested in following this Flipboard, you can subscribe to it, or go to the Newspapers Page on this site where the link can always be found in the middle about a third of the way down the page.  You can then click on the link and follow or you can bookmark the link.

Below is the link to get to it now.

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read the articles on this site.

Thank you for visiting The Ancestor Hunt!


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  1. Great job on the Flipboard Magazine. I have been using Flipboad quite a bit, lately. Never a wasted moment waiting anywhere. I just read my Flipboard content. Thanks.

  2. nice, nice, nice! another great idea Kenneth! keep up the good work – it is very much appreciated!

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