Best U.S. Genealogy Archives

As genealogists and historians, we strive to know more about our ancestors and other subject people. It is imperative, especially as family historians that we research and understand the locales, surroundings, and events that occurred during their lifetimes. While we constantly look for new records, we must also research history, including local history. There are […]

Storied – The Next Chapter in Family History

Recently I interviewed Brandon Camp, the CMO of Storied, and the questions and answers are below. Today they announced their new product called Storied. It is an exciting new service that has outstanding potential for family historians to capture their ancestors’ stories. You can read the press release at They have rebranded World Archives […]

Where to Find Ancestor Addresses

When researching our ancestors, one of our most important goals is to determine where they lived. This information is key to finding other aspects of their lives, whether they be local or state vital records or newspapers where there might be further information about them. Most folks limit their search to the obvious repositories, whether […]

Georgia Announces Digitized African American Funeral Programs, 1960-2022

A very nice new collection was just announced by the Digital Library of Georgia. From the press release: “New collection features over 50 years of digitized African American funeral programs from Evans County, Georgia, and are now available freely online. Selected by statewide cultural heritage stakeholders and funded by the DLG’s competitive digitization grant program, […]

A Really Easy, Free Way to Make a Genealogy Timeline

Laying out your ancestors’ important events in a visual way is a great way to analyze their lives and compare them to others in your family tree. Personally, I like using timeline software applications as a way to display these events for some branches of my family tree. If you like, it is a visual […]

Easy to Create a Census Checklist Using Excel

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8 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Genealogist

Genealogy vs Family History – Graphed!

A lot of genealogy types discuss (argue?) which term is a summary of what we do. A common result is that genealogy is about names and dates, as well as DNA and relationships. And Family History is more about the life stories of our ancestors. What happens when we graph the usage of the terms […]

Have You Checked Out WhooWe? A Fascinating New App for Saving Your Legacy

For those of you who follow The Ancestor Hunt, I like to make you aware of new offerings that you might wish to explore. In late 2020 I was introduced to a new app called Whoowe. I published an interview with the CEO at that time. Since the app is going to be in the […]

Interview with CEO of Memorygram

As always, I am interested in new products and services that will help family historians to document their finds for future descendants and associated family members. Recently I became aware of a service called Memorygram. It is a service that builds a biographical/autobiographical book for you based on a prompted set of questions. There are […]