13 Hidden Gems in Old Newspapers to Amplify Your Ancestors’ Life Stories

If you are trying to add to your ancestor’s life stories, what better way than interesting newspaper articles about their lives? Absent direct accounts from your living relatives, seeking these hidden gems in old newspapers will tell you things about your ancestors that there is no other way, absent a biography or autobiographical book, that […]

Search Hyphenated Words in Historical Newspapers to Get Up To 30% More Results

Finding your ancestors in newspaper articles is in my opinion – an art, not a science. You must be clever and resourceful to get around the quality limitations in old newspapers A “feature” of older newspapers is the use of the hyphen. Hyphenated words were often used heavily to save space and due to the […]

Why the Heck Aren’t You Researching Old Newspapers – The Third Dimension

I have to admit to a huge bias here – but I will say it – Searching old newspapers for articles about my ancestors is without question the most fulfilling research about my family history. Period! Everyone has different motivations for genealogy research. Some are name collectors, some want to be tied to someone famous; […]

10 Bits of Advice for New Genealogy Researchers

This is going to be a different kind list of items for new (and newish) genealogy researchers and family historians. I am not going to try to suggest how or what to research. There are tons of places for you to find information about researching. But hopefully, this list will help you in a different […]

A Really Easy, Free Way to Make a Genealogy Timeline

Laying out your ancestors’ important events in a visual way is a great way to analyze their lives and compare them to others in your family tree. Personally I like using timeline software applications as a way to display these events for some branches of my family tree. If you like, it is a visual […]

Historic or Historical? That is the Question

As genealogists, we deal with history, so naturally, we use the words historic and historical. Sometimes interchangeably, and therefore incorrectly. I am a (hopefully) past transgressor of this crime. But through developing better word habits, I think I have overcome this error. If you read through some of my past articles on this website, you may […]

Two Hidden Secrets to Find a Ton More Results from the FamilySearch Catalog

Full disclosure:  I love the FamilySearch Catalog! For those collections that are available online, and the books that have been digitized, there are tens of thousands to choose from. For the online collections and books, I can use my PC at home to scroll through digitized page after digitized page, just as if I had […]

8 Reasons You Can’t Find Squat About Your Ancestors Online

Whether you search online, or offline at libraries, courthouses, or archives, many times our ancestors can be elusive. Sometimes they just cannot be found. Whether it be a birth date, census entry, or death date – or anything else of interest to us – we just can’t seem to “score.” There are lots of reasons […]

6 Best Ways to NOT FIND Your Ancestors

Genealogy researching is hard; nobody cooperates; the database you want to research is the next county over; you have names that have thousands of duplicates; the online family trees are all over the place, etc. So you continue to not find your ancestors. In the interests of keeping this losing streak alive, here are 6 […]

Use These 12 Special Keywords to Improve Your Newspaper Research Results

When entering our search criteria in the search box on an online historical newspaper site, we often focus primarily on the name of the target ancestor or family.  We might also search for a location or an address. or combine these with a name. My guess is that well over 90% of online newspaper searches […]