Did Your Ancestor Work for the Postal Service? 12 Places to Check for Records About Employees and Post Offices


Did your ancestor work for the Postal Service? Do you know which Post Office served the area where they lived?

The Post Office was a bit of a community center, especially in rural areas and also historically elsewhere.

We used to know the names of the person who delivered the mail. Unfortunately that is no longer the case in most circumstances.

But there is hope if you had an ancestor who worked for the Post Office, either as an employee or a contractor. Check out these links. There are tons of resources available but these listed below are certainly a great place to start.

Some are available online and some only by microfilm – but sometimes interlibrary loan is available.

And if you are interested in history, names of post offices, or postal employees from a specific county or parish, you might want to use your favorite search engine to find out if there are resources specifically for that location.


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  1. I read your posts religiously but don’t take the time to thank you for providing all this information. We have postmasters in Tennessee and finding them gave me another clue. Thanks!

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