Easy Way to Create a Census Checklist Using Excel

This technique was created in preparation for the 1940 Federal Census and I have adapted it for other censuses  It is easy to implement, using your Genealogy Database software, Microsoft Excel and the Excel Text Import Wizard. It was invaluable to me in keeping track of what I had found and not found as the census records were released in 2012.

Check out this video to see how to implement this technique, which as it turns out is very easy:

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  1. I use Excel for all sorts of things. It makes sense to use it for tracking genealogy as well. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Deborah – thank you for the nice comment. I have seen and enjoyed your site with the World War 2 letters. I have a series on my family history site – “Letters from Germany” which are letters from 1915 through 1940 or so – all in old German script and fortunately after 5 years I have a very good translator. They are a wonderful way to tell the stories of our ancestors. If you are interested, the site is http://www.braunhart.com

      1. Thank you Kenneth. I am glad you have enjoyed the World War II letters. I will check out your site!

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