Elephind Update – August, 2019

The “Search Multiple Historic Newspaper Collections All At Once” website, elephind.com has just published an update that includes many more items and issues from 2 updated collections:

​(from the August, 2019 Elephind Newsletter):

Updated Newspaper Collections


​For the complete newsletter article, click HERE

If you have never used  (or heard of) elephind, here are a couple of articles that I have written about this wonderful site that may be interesting:

If you have never tried elephind, check it out! The url is elephind.com.

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  1. Frustratingly, there is nothing of value in the newsletter. There is no mention of WHAT was added. If you go to the collections nothing there provides clues as to what the new material is. If you search the results can not be sorted by Date Added. Nor in the Advanced Search can you specify recently added material.
    This in order to find the material you are looking for you have to re-do the search all over again and review all of the same results you have seen before. This is a big time-waster.

  2. Rick Womack, until you contribute one red cent to this FREE search, please keep your lips trapped. I hear enough crying and complaining from our 3 year old. I bet you would complain if someone dropped a $100 bill in your lap, because it wasn’t $200 they dropped.

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