Elephind Update – January, 2019


The “Search Multiple Historic Newspaper Collections All At Once” website, elephind.com has just published an update that includes many more items and issues from 5 updated  and upcoming collections:

​(from the February, 2019 Elephind Newsletter):

New Newspaper Collections

  • Cornell Daily Sun: Written and produced entirely by Cornell undergraduates, The Sun is a rich resource for social and cultural historians. Issues from 1880-1986.
  • The Vidette Newspaper Archive:  Digitized pages of the campus newspaper of Illinois State University. This archive contains 3,365 issues comprising 28,518 pages and 39,975 articles.

Forthcoming Update 

New Collections Coming Soon to Elephind 

For the complete newsletter article, click HERE

If you have never used  (or heard of) elephind, here are a couple of articles that I have written about this wonderful site that may be interesting:

If you have never tried elephind, check it out! The url is elephind.com.


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