Free e-Book to Help You Become a Master Newspaper Researcher


To become a successful historic newspaper researcher, you need to make a small investment in time to learn the “tricks of the trade.”

Here is a free 20 page downloadable eBook that will help you!

e-Book – Tips for Researching Online Historical Newspapers​

This e-Book (in PDF format), is chock full of tips and tricks that if followed, will help you understand why online newspaper research may not provide the results that you expect, but gives you a ton of advice to follow in order for you to optimize your results.

​Click below to download the pdf file

Tips for Researching Online Historical Newspapers – 2018.pdf
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File Type: pdf

Download File

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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  1. Thank you so much! I know you like us to share, so I will with the Seniors I meet with twice a month.

  2. Kenneth, looking forward to your ebook. I sometimes teach “newspaper research” and always recommend your site (outside the classes also).
    Even more with the additions of Obits & Photos. Don’t know when you sleep but Thank You for all the Info and Hints. Invaluable!

  3. Kenneth, following the previous comment – how long will this offer be available? Or the link above to the PDF file?
    I would like to post a link to your free ebook in Root Cellar’s emagazine “Preserves” but the next issue won’t be out until Feb 1, 2019.

    1. Linda,
      I actually did not intend for it to be shared that way, BUT I will allow it if you include my name and url for the site as well as the link to the pdf AND that you include some language such as “In return for the free access to his ebook, Kenneth would ask that you Like his Facebook Page for The Ancestor Hunt, which is at
      Feel free to alter the language. Oh and BTW you are getting special dispensation because I am a California boy – born and raised in the SF Bay Area. Just kidding. Thank you for the request. Could you email me the Preserves eMag after it is published? Thanks again.
      In response to your previous comment, I do sleep but spend 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week doing all this stuff. I am retired and really enjoy researching all these free links and making it available to help fellow researchers. In my experience most researchers don’t know how or where to research, so I am hoping that this stuff helps provide shortcuts.
      To respond would you please email me rather than discuss in Comments? Thanks again.

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