Georgia Adds 58 Historical Newspaper Titles in Fall 2020 Update


The Digital Library of Georgia just announced that 58 titles have been added during the spring and summer of 2020 to the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. The complete announcement can be found HERE.

The announcement also discusses where the funding for each of the added titles came from. 

Here is a list of the titles (and funding organization):

Titles funded by the Burke County Genealogical and Historical Society

Titles funded by the Forsyth County Government

Titles funded by the Georgia Public Library Service

Titles funded by the Houston County Public Library System

Titles funded by the Knox Foundation with support from the Friends of the Augusta Library

Titles funded by the Middle Georgia State University Library through a grant from the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council (GHRAC)

Titles funded by the National Digital Newspaper Program

Titles funded by the R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation and the Gwinnett Historical Society

Titles Funded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah

In my opinion, the state of Georgia has done an outstanding job – not only consolidating the previous disparate sites, but also adding new titles – not an easy task.

For all of the Georgia Historic Newspapers website titles as well as links to other free Georgia historical newspaper websites, please visit Georgia Online Historical Newspapers Summary


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