How to Get the Most from Chronicling America

Chronicling America is a very popular website that provides free online digitized newspapers from the United States. It currently has almost 20 million digitized pages.

It helps to understand the background of this website as well as some features that are not widely known.

This QuickSheet tells you about how Chronicling America gets its database increased every year. It also has an excellent feature that provides a directory of newspapers published in the country and where original copies or microform copies might be available at archives or libraries. Just a small percentage of newspapers ever published are actually available online. So using this directory is highly recommended. And lastly is a tutorial that shows you the search features of Chroniclung America and how you might optimize your searches.

Below is a link to a QuickSheet that contains information and tutorials so that you can maximize your use of Chronicling America. To obtain the four-page Quicksheet pdf for easy reference, you can view or download it by clicking on the button below.

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I tried to cancel my information of Lydia Kolsch & had trouble doing it. So I am informing you, CANCEL IT NOW!

I don’t know of a Lydia Kolsch. You must have clicked on an ad. My site is free but does have ads and it looks like you may have clicked on one and were entering information? I have no control over the companies who place ads.

Love this article about Chronicling America. Great information. However, you (inadvertently, I’m sure) left off Arizona in your table.

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