Kansas Online Historical Newspapers Summary

Kansas is one of the states that has an excellent  single central online state repository for historical newspapers, There are many free online newspapers on other sites and collections available on subscription sites. Below is a list of where the titles are stored and the link so that you can access them. 

There are over 6,000 newspapers that have been published in the Sunflower State – certainly not all of them are searchable online. So go for it – find your Kansas ancestors and all the interesting articles that capture the stories of their lives. 

Please note that I have not always entered the dates that are included in the collections, as I suspect they will change as more items are digitized. Also, I suspect that some of these links may change over time – so if there is a dead link – please use your favorite search engine to find their new location. 

Updated November 2021; recently added links are in BOLD)

Free Sites:

Statewide Collections:

Chronicling America – Kansas Newspapers

Google News Archive

Kansas Digital Newspapers – collaboration with newspapers.com; for Kansas residents only for all titles –  However, there is Open Access for  Kansas Historical Society content published on Newspapers.com for more than three years; no residency verification required.  Here is the list of Open Access titles that are available to all:

County and Library Collections:

Allen County
Humboldt Public Library

  • Humboldt Union
  • Union
  • Marketplace News
  • Humboldts Marketplace New
  • Market Place
  • Tri City Herald

Anderson County
Garnett Public Library

  • Advocate 
  • Advocate Community News 
  • Advocate Free Press
  • Advocate Free Press And Community News
  • Anderson County Advocate 
  • Anderson County Advocate And Community News 
  • The Anderson County Review
  • Anderson County Advocate And Advisor News 
  • The Advocates Community News-Press
  • The Advocates Community News-Press And Advisor News
  • The Anderson County Advocate Advisor News

Brown County
Morrill Public Library

  • Brown County World 
  • Daily Brown County World 
  • Hiawatha Daily World 
  • Hiawatha World 

Butler County

Douglass Historical

  • Douglass Tribune
  • The Burden Eagle
  • The Burden Enterprise
  • The Church Record
  • The Douglas Index
  • The Douglass Tribune
  • The New Enterprise

Chase County
Chase County Historical Society

  • Chase County Leader-News

Coffey County
Lebo Branch-Coffey County Library

  • Allegre Rexall Capsule 
  • Gridley Star 
  • Halls Summit News 
  • Hampden Expositor 
  • Lebo Courier 
  • Lebo Enterprise 
  • Lebo Leader 
  • Lebo Light 
  • Lebo Star 

Cowley County
Arkansas City Public Library

  • Arkansas City Traveler 
  • Arkansas City Daily Traveler 
  • Arkansas City Daily Republican 
  • Daily Republican Traveler 
  • Arkansas City Republican Traveler 

Franklin County
Ottawa University

  • Tauy Talk 
  • The Boxer
  • The Ivy Leaf 
  • The Le Loup News 
  • The Mahsinegun 
  • The Ottawa Bulletin 
  • The Ottawa Campus 
  • The Ottawan
  • The Sagamore 

Geary County
Dorothy Bramlage Public Library

  • Daily Union 
  • Union 
  • Junction City Sunday Union 
  • Junction City Daily Union 
  • Junction City Union 
  • Blue Jay 
  • Conference Daily Tribune 
  • Davis County Republican 
  • Junction City Republican 
  • Smoky Hill and Republican Union 
  • Junction City Tribune 
  • Daily Junction City Tribune 
  • Junction City Weekly Union 
  • Junction City News 

Gove County
Grinnell-Angelus Heritage Center

  • Golden Belt 
  • Golden Belt Advance 
  • Gove County Golden Belt 
  • Gove County Record 
  • Grainfield Cap Sheaf 
  • Grainfield Record 
  • Grainfield Republican 
  • Grinnell Record 
  • Grinnell Record Leader 
  • Grinnell Town and Country 
  • Hardware News 
  • Record Leader 
  • Smoky Globe 

Harvey County
Bethel College

  • Christlicher Bundesbote 
  • Evening Kansas-Republican 
  • Newton Anzeiger 
  • Newton Kansas 
  • Newton Republican 
  • The Halstead Independent 
  • The Kansas Chronicle 
  • The Newton Democrat 
  • The Newton Republican 
  • The Newton Weekly Journal 
  • Zur Heimath 

Newton Public Library

  • The Newton Kansan 
  • Newton Kansan 

Logan County
Oakley Public Library

  • Oakley Graphic 
  • Logan County Clipper 
  • Winona Clipper
  • Graphic
  • Logan Republican

Lyon County
Emporia Public Library

  • Emporia Gazette
  • The Emporia Gazette

Lyon County Library

  • Admire City Free Press 
  • Admire Free Press 
  • Admire Independent 
  • Admire Journal 
  • Admire News 
  • Advance 
  • Allen Enterprise 
  • Allen Herald 
  • Allen Journal 
  • Allen Tidings 
  • Emporia Times 
  • Lyon County Journal 
  • Northern Lyon County Journal
  • Northern Star 
  • Tidings
  • Weekly Herald 

Marion County
Peabody Township Library

  • Gazette Bulletin 
  • Marion County Record 
  • Peabody Gazette 
  • Peabody Gazette-Bulletin 
  • The Peabody Gazette 
  • The Peabody Gazette-Herald 
  • The Peabody Herald 

Marshall County
Waterville Public Library

  • Waterville Telegraph
  • Telegraph
  • The Telegraph
  • Parish Pages
  • Blue Valley Telegraph 
  • Frankfort Index 
  • Blue Valley Clipper 
  • Blue Rapids Times

Montgomery County
Independence Public Library

  • Independence Daily Reporter 

Nemaha County
Mary Cotton Public Library

  • Bern Gazette 
  • Bern Press 
  • Centralia High School Scoop 
  • Centralia Scoop 
  • Corning Chief
  • Corning Clipper 
  • Home Press 
  • Nemaha County Republican 
  • Sabetha Herald 
  • Sabetha Republican Herald 
  • Sabetha Weekly Herald 

Seneca Free Library

  • Corning Gazette 
  • Courier Democrat 
  • Courier Tribune 
  • Elk City Sun 
  • Kansas Nemaha Courier 
  • Semi Weekly Courier Tribune 
  • Seneca Courier Democrat
  • Seneca Tribune 
  • Seneca Weekly Courier 
  • Seneca Weekly Tribune 
  • Thayer News 

Osborne County
Osborne Public Library

  • The Alton Empire 
  • The Osborne County Key 
  • Western Empire 
  • Bull City Post
  • The Downs Chief 
  • The Downs Daily Chief
  • Downs Times 
  • Natoma Independent 
  • The Farmer’s Aid 
  • Downs Headlight
  • Saturday Eve Lamp 
  • The Downs World 
  • The Downs Globe 
  • The Natoma Courier 
  • Osborne County Farmer 
  • Our Messenger 
  • Portis Independent 
  • Portis Patriot 
  • The Whisperer 
  • The Rustler 
  • The Downs Times 
  • The Downs News 
  • The Downs News and The Downs Times 
  • Natoma Luray Independent
  • Daily News 
  • The Osborne County Farmer 
  • Osborne County Journal 
  • Osborne County News 
  • Osborne Evening News 
  • Osborne Farmer Journal 
  • Osborne Journal 
  • The Friend 
  • The Kansas Prohibitionist 
  • The Truth Teller 
  • The Western Odd Fellow 
  • Downs News And The Downs Times 
  • Downs News 
  • News And Times 
  • Downs News And Times 
  • Waverly Gazette 

Pawnee County
Jordaan Memorial Library

  • The Tiller and Toiler 

Pottawatomie County
Wamego Public Library

  • Wamego Reporter 
  • Kansas Agriculturalist 
  • Kansas Agriculturist 
  • Wamego Times 
  • Kansas Reporter 
  • Louisville Lyre 
  • Pottawatomie County Times 
  • Pottawatomie Gazette 
  • Wamego Blade 
  • Kansas Reporter 
  • Kansas Valley 
  • Kansas Weekly Valley 
  • Weekly Kansas Valley 
  • Wamego Semi Weekly Tribune 
  • Wamego Tribune 
  • Tribune Extra 
  • Wamego Weekly Tribune 
  • Wamego Weekly Times 
  • St George News

Republic County
Belleville Public Library Newspaper Archives

Rooks County
Plainville Memorial Library

  • Plainville Times 
  • Plainville Gazette 
  • Plainville
  • The Plainville Times
  • The Plainville Gazette 
  • Plainville Echo 
  • The Plainville Press 
  • The Plainville South Side Gazette
  • Rooks County Record 
  • Times 
  • The Plainville Echo 

Russell County
Russell Public Library

  • Russell County News 

Sedgewick County
Derby Public Library

  • Derby Informer 
  • Derby Reporter 
  • The Derby Informer
  • The Derby Reporter 
  • The Derby Weekly Informer 
  • The Informer 

Stevens County
Stevens County Library

  • Dermot Enterprise 
  • The Hugo Herald 
  • The Hugo Weekly Herald 
  • Hugoton Hermes 
  • The Hermes 
  • The Hugoton Hermes 
  • The Hugo Hermes 
  • The Hugoton Ad-Viser 
  • The Morning Sun 
  • The South-west Kansan 
  • South-west Kansan 
  • The Moscow Review 
  • Moscow Review 
  • The Vindicator
  • The Voorhees Vindicator 
  • Stevens County Sentinel 
  • Stevens County Tribune 
  • Stevens Eagle 
  • The Woodsdale Times 
  • Tribune-Sentinel 
  • Woodsdale Democrat 
  • Woodsdale Sentinel

Atchinson Newspaper Archives

Forsyth Library Digital Newspapers

  • Free Press
  • Hays Free Press
  • The Kinsley Graphic

Student Collections:

Andover High School – Andover

Baker University – Baldwin City

Basehor-Linwood High School – Basehor

Benedictine College – Atchison

Bishop Miege High School – Shawnee Mission

Blue Valley High School – Stilwell

Emporia State University – Emporia

Fort Hays State University – Hays

Kansas State University – Manhattan

Kansas University – Lawrence

Lawrence High School – Lawrence

MidAmerica Nazarene University – Olathe

Mill Valley High School – Shawnee

Newman University – Wichita

Ottawa University – Ottawa

Pittsburg High School – Pittsburg

Pittsburg State University – Pittsburg

Shawnee Mission Northwest High School – Shawnee

Shawneee Mission South High School – Overland Park

Silver Lake High School – Silver Lake

Southwestern College – Winfield

University of Saint Mary – Leavenworth

Washburn University – Topeka

Wichita State University – Wichita

Miscellaneous Collections and Indexes:

Independent Voices – Alternative Newspapers

  • AWOL Press
  • Custer’s Last stand
  • The Kansas Free Press
  • The Phoenix
  • Fort Riley Chapter of ASU
  • Grist
  • Reconnaissance

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Newspapers 1933-1942

Kansas Memory 1850-1987 (Clippings Only)

Small Town Papers

Newspaper Abstracts – Kansas

The Olden Times – Kansas

For Obituary Indexes, transcriptions, and other death/obituary information from historic newspapers, please check out the Obituaries page.

Other Free Sites:

Kansas City



Subscription or Pay Sites:


There are currently 40 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Ancestry – Kansas Newspapers

Genealogy Bank:

There are currently 308 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Genealogy Bank – Kansas Newspapers

Newspaper Archive:

There are currently 168 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Newspaper Archive – Kansas


There are currently 5,064 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Newspapers.com – KansasAlso, check out the Kansas Digital Newspapers site regarding the partnership with newspapers.com and those newspapers that are free to Kansas residents.

And Finally:

You also need to visit the Kansas Digital Newspapers site, which can tell you what is occurring in the state with regard to newspaper projects. 

Please note – even more may be available via a local library where a library card is required. And of course there is always microfilm for those that have not been made available online as yet.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

For more links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspaper Links page on this website.

For other Free Kansas Links, click on the category of interest:

BMD Records
Divorce Records
Church Records
School Records
Coroner Records
Voter Records
Probate and Wills
Mortuary Records
Alumni Records
Cemetery Records

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  1. You’ve got Seward County, Nebraska newspapers listed here. Thanks for compiling the lists. Its a great help!

  2. You need to check the Kansas State Archives website for an update. For several years, it has teamed with Newspapers.com to digitize and make newspapers available. Kansas residents can access these with their drivers license.

    1. Actually Jan I do mention that relationship with newspapers dot com twice on the article. I am aware of it.

  3. Hi Ken,
    I manage newspaper digitization for the Kansas Historical Society and for the state generally. KSHS is the central newspaper repository for Kansas and has been since 1875. Our program “Kansas Digital Newspapers” is the central repository for digital Kansas newspapers but we chose to have Newspapers.com host our content rather than put up our own site. Currently more than 10 million pages from the KSHS newspaper collection are available through Newspapers.com, and all of that is free to KS residents and increasingly free to the world through our open access portal on the KDN page. NDNP and Chronicling America are fantastic programs to which we are indebted, but only about 300,000 pages of KSHS content are available there. So referencing Chronicling America as the main site for Kansas is misguided. Kind regards.

    1. Michael – point taken. That intro paragraph has been there for several years and I haven’t changed it – obviously. I was unaware of the Open Access feature. When was that implemented?
      I want to get my language correct. Would it be possible for you to email me your direct email address, so that I can rewrite my opening paragraph – but more importantly for my readers – I want to make sure that I have the correct link and instructions for Open Access. I look forward to conversing with you on this.
      No offense was meant. I was just unaware of the Open Access capability. I though residency was always a requirement.
      Thanks again – and sorry for not getting it correct.

  4. The following newspapers listed under: Kansas, Harvey County, Newton Public Library, are Iowa newspapers and are not available at Newton Public Library in Newton, Kansas: Bancroft Register,
    Bayard News
    We have not checked, but they may be available at the Newton Public Library in Newton, Iowa.

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