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Tom Tryniski, the man behind the Fulton Postcards Old Newspaper site, has exceeded 47 million pages on his site and continues to add more newspapers to search for free.  

Tom’s site originally started with just New York newspapers. But in recent years he has digitized and made available for searching and browsing, old newspapers from 35 states from the U.S. 

Below is the list of the Delaware newspapers available, with the city, newspaper title, and years available in the collection. The majority of the titles have been added in the past year.

You can search the newspapers by going HERE, or browse through the titles by going HERE

  • Dover DL Delawarean (1900-1901)
  • Dover DL Herald (1800)
  • Newark DL Delaware Ledger (1887-1889)
  • Newark DL Post (1910-1922)
  • Delaware City DL News (1887, 1889)
  • Middletown DL Transcript ( 1868-1922)
  • Wilmington DL State Journal Statesman (1861-1870)
  • Wilmington DE American Watchman ( 1809-1817)
  • Wilmington DE Daily Commmercial (1972-1976)
  • Wilmington DL Wilmingtonian (1882-83)
  • Wilmington DL American Watchman and Delaware Advertiser (1822-1827)
  • Wilmington DL Daily Gazette (1872-1880)
  • Wilmington DL Daily Republican (1874-1903)
  • Wilmington DL Delaware Advertiser (1826-27)
  • Wilmington DL Delaware Journal (1827-1829)
  • Wilmington DL Delaware Register (1824-1825)
  • Wilmington DL Delaware Republican (1842,66,1873-74)
  • Wilmington DL Delaware Tribune (1867-1876)
  • Wilmington DL Democrat (1882)
  • Wilmington DL Evening Journal (1902-1916)
  • Wilmington DL Evening Republican (1902)
  • Wilmington DL Gazette and State Journal (1883-1902)
  • Wilmington DL Gazette Watchman (1809-10,1830-33)
  • Wilmington DL Gazzette And Peninsula Advertiser (1817-1818)
  • Wilmington DL Mercury (1798)
  • Wilmington DL Morning Herald (1875-1879)
  • Wilmington DL Patriot And American Watchmen (1828)
  • Wilmington DL Republican And Farmer (1841-1842)
  • Wilmington DL State Journal (1857,1870-74,80-81,83)
  • Wilmington DL The Sun (1897-1900)
  • Wilmington DL Weekly Republican (1847-48,55-57,64,67,69-72,84,89)

Remember, you can find links to all other free online historical newspaper collections at ​Delaware Online Historical Newspapers Summary

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