New Historical North Carolina Newspapers Available Online at Fulton Postcards


Tom Tryniski, the man behind the Fulton Postcards Old Newspaper site, has exceeded 47 million pages on his site and continues to add more newspapers to search for free.  

Tom’s site originally started with just New York newspapers. But in recent years he has digitized and made available for searching and browsing, old newspapers from 35 states from the U.S. 

Below is the list of the North Carolina newspapers available, with the city, newspaper title, and years available in the collection. The majority of the titles have been added in the past year.

You can search the newspapers by going HERE, or browse through the titles by going HERE

  • Asheboro NC Courier (1884-1906)
  • Asheville NC Courier (1907-1917)
  • Bibical Recorder NC (1890-1917 )
  • Charlotte NC News (1911)
  • Charlotte NC Post (1971-1996)
  • Columbus NC Polk County News (1902-1915)
  • Concorde NC Concord Standard (1895-97)
  • Dunn NC Dispatch (1914-1923)
  • Durham NC Carolina Times (1937-1979)
  • Elizabeth City NC Daily Advance (1923)
  • Fayetteville NC Observer (1851-1865)
  • Franklin NC Press and Highlands Maconian (1929-1935, 1960)
  • Gastonia NC Gazette ()
  • Gastonia NC Gazette (1893-1909)
  • Hamlet NC News Messenger (1928-1990)
  • Lewisburg NC Franklin Times (1910-22,1968-69)
  • Marshall NC News Record (1912,1960-62.,70-77,88)
  • Monroe NC Journal (1925)
  • Morehead City NC Carteret County News Times (1948-1960)
  • New Bern NC Mirror (1958-1974)
  • North Wilkesboro NC Journal Patriot (1933)
  • Plymouth NC Roanoke Beacon (1899-1911,1918)
  • Raeford NC News Journal (1946-1976)
  • Rockham NC Spirit Of The South (1873-1892)
  • Rockingham NC Angio Saxon (1899-1908)
  • Rockingham NC Daily Journal (1942-2015)
  • Rockingham NC Post Dispatch (1915-1965)
  • Rockingham NC Richmond County Journal (1934-1998)
  • Rockingham NC Rocket (1884-1897)
  • Rocky Mount NC Wesleyan Decree (1961-1988,2012)
  • Southern Pines NC Piolt (1920-21,1929-41)
  • Tryon NC Polk County News (1920-1926)
  • Vass NC Pilot (1941-1965)
  • Warrington NC Record (1929,37,77,89)
  • Warsaw NC Delton Times (1935,37,49-51,61-62)
  • Washington NC Daily News (1909,15-16,1933-40)
  • Waynesville NC Mountaineer (1925-26,31-36,49-51,55-56)
  • Williamston NC Enterprise (1901,1939-1942)
  • Wilmington NC Daily Review (1877)
  • Wilmington NC Dispatch (1916)
  • Winston Salem NC Chronicle (1974-1968,2016)

Remember, you can find links to all other free online historical newspaper collections at North Carolina Online Historical Newspapers Summary

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  1. This is great, thanks! Just one correction: the spelling of Louisburg is not Lewisburg (although they did use that spelling, briefly, in the late 1700s). 🙂

    1. Thanks. But this list came from his Fulton site, so I normally don’t fix errors when I post the info. Unfortunately, the Fulton site has quite a few misspellings, etc. If I change them in my list, when I update lists which I do for newspapers every 4 months or so, it screws me up.
      But thanks for pointing out the error.

      1. Sorry, I realized that after I sent it. I was happily browsing one of the newspapers, earlier, and then it started telling me that the site was unknown. Now, it’s saying it’s unsafe. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

  2. I don’t know Renate. No judgement of the site, but it seems to be up and down frequently.

  3. Rahway NJ is just that in NJ not NC.
    And, a great resource as always! I do mention you many of my talks, handouts and articles as relevant!

    1. Thanks for making folks aware. Much appreciated. I’ll check out the NJ reference and fix. I likely copied something that was out of order.

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