New Indiana Legacy Website Searches Newspaper, Obituary and Other Indexes All at Once

PictureSource: Indiana State Library

​The Indiana State Library has announced the online availability of a master database of 18 different indexes that can be searched all at once.

From the Library:​

The Indiana State Library has been working to make broader searches more readily available to its users, and has recently launched a program called Indiana Legacy that does just that. Indiana Legacy is an online portal that combines two large record collections, allowing all data points to be searched simultaneously from the site.  The data bank includes “many of the library’s most popular online indexes” as well as information from VINE, the Vital INformation Exchange, which is “a collaborative statewide database composed of Indiana local history and vital records from Indiana libraries, historical societies, genealogy societies and related organizations.

The intent of the Indiana Legacy portal, states the ISL, is “to allow participants and users to obtain access to Indiana local history and vital records through a single search or by browsing what is available. The database is searchable by county, event, or through a general surname search. These records are available to the public at no charge and include a host of records such as: birth, marriage, death, divorce, obituaries, court records, newspapers, scrapbooks, yearbooks, military records and many other record types.”

For the complete article, please click on  Indiana Legacy helps speed up ancestory searches

​Here is a current list of the searchable indexes:


To search the collection, click on

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