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Many family history and genealogy researchers who are used to searching for articles about our ancestors in old newspapers have gotten spoiled with the increasingly robust online collections that are available for free.  And many have invested a few dollars (and other currency) in subscriptions to online sites and collections.

But did you know that there are other quite large collections that are available via your local library or a library that may require a little bit more drive time?

One example of such a service is Readex. They have a few thousand titles that are searchable, depending on the subscription that your library has invested in.  I won’t comment positively or negatively on their capability or functionality. Just try Readex and other library based sites to expand your research.  (Disclosure:  I do not have any affiliation with Readex/NewsBank – I am using them as an example of library-based services)

Here are some examples of what they have available with a link to find out the exact titles that are in each collection:

Early American Newspapers, 1690-1922 – about 2,000 titles

American Ethnic Newspapers – about 500 titles

American Newspaper Archives – major U.S. newspapers

20th Century American Newspapers

Caribbean Newspapers

World Newspaper Archive

So, get out of your PJ’s and get in your car and go to your library or other institution that have these types of subscriptions available – AND if you have a library card you might just be able to login and search from home!!!

Newspapers are being digitized at an increasing rate, so search the free sites online, invest in a subscription as well, but for sure – do not forget the old standby – your library.

Good luck and happy hunting!

For more free online (not library based) links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspapers! page on this website.


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