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As many of you know, if you read the articles on this site frequently or randomly,  I have an extreme interest in newspaper research to help in my family history research.

In my opinion it is one of the top three methods to find information about one’s ancestors.

Yet many folks do not take full advantage of this outstanding resource.

So in the interest of determining how you make use of newspaper research, I have decided to offer my readers the opportunity to take the poll below.

The results will be published in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for your participation.

And as always – happy newspaper hunting!

There should be a question about how to improve newspaper research, but I suspect that the top two answers would likely be either 1) More newspapers available online, or 2) Better OCR quality.  If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments.

In any case, I hope your interest in using newspaper research to find articles about your ancestors is increasing.

For more information on how to better make use of newspaper research in your genealogy pursuits, please check out the Newspapers! page on this site.  Hopefully there are some resources as well as information that will help you.


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  1. I need better searching techniques for newspapers. For example if I search for john Smith I get anything that has John as well as anything that has Smith, rather than John Smith. Makes it frustrating and time consuming.

    1. Jeff – always check the advanced search option because it allows to include phrases or exclude certain words. Hopefully that will help.

  2. Just my opinion, but I am disappointed in Chronicling America; they are too slow adding content and spend way too much money. Look at Fulton Postcards – one guy adds many times the content on a very low budget. Too much perfectionism, or bureaucracy?

    1. I agree about the slowness Laurie. However it does require federal funding and federal and state government as well as local institutions so I think you are right – a lot of bureaucracy.

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