The Ancestor Hunt Hits 30,000 Free Online Historical Newspaper Links!


The Ancestor Hunt was “born” in the spring of 2012. The first newspaper related blog post was “Use Newspaper Articles to Give Your Website Color“, published in May, 2012.

The very first set of links to free online historical newspapers was published in 2014, so we’ve been updating that list for about 5 years.  The initial list of links to U.S. newspapers, presented by state, had about 10,000 links. It has been updated 2 or 3 times a year since then.

The first update of 2019 pushed our total number of links to over 30,000! 

To Access all of the links go to the Newspaper Links menu item at the top of every website page

In case you’re interested, the 10 states or provinces that have the largest number of links (in order) are: New York, Iowa, Texas, Quebec, Ohio, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

Now the link collection has added newspapers from Canada as well as a set of 19 special collections, based on ethnicity, language, religion, and other categories, such as farming, labor, alternative press, student newspapers and a few others.

​The newspaper focus of this website doesn’t just have links. There are 13 individual newspaper research lessons, about 3 dozen Quick Tips, and over 55 ​Informational Articles About the Whys and Hows of Newspaper Research.  

​To Access all of the informational articles, tips, and lessons regarding newspaper research, go to the Newspapers menu item at the top of every website page

A few years ago I branched out a bit and added 45 educational videos regarding newspaper research. They can be found on my YouTube Channel.

​And further branching out produced the Genealogy and Newspapers Facebook Group, a Flipboard entitled Boost Your Genealogy Research With Newspapers, and unfortunately a defunct Google Plus community.

​(Self) Congratulations to the Ancestor Hunt and IMNSHO a stellar achievement of 30,000 free historical links! Let’s hope the newspaper digitizing gods smile on us so we can get to 40,000 free links real soon.


Thank you for visiting The Ancestor Hunt!


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