The Feds Link Us Up for Genealogy!


Everybody likes to bash the Government (or even if they don’t like to – they do it anyway). Regardless of your political persuasion – it is something that every American has done during their lifetime and for a variety of reasons. And I suspect it is true in every other country on earth as well.

So let’s leave politics aside and at least be thankful for the following link: Family History and Genealogy, provided by

It presents a number of links to find additional information, databases, etc.

Here is just a sampling of some of the information therein – which provides links to a massive amount of other sources. So for family history and genealogy research, it is a great place to start to find stuff.

  • Archives and Historical Societies by State 
  • Census Finder including UK and Canada
  • Federal Inmates Releases Information
  • Genealogy Resources by State 
  • Historical Records – National Archives 
  • Immigration and Naturalization Records
  • Land Records 
  • Military Service Records
  • Nationwide Gravesite Locator
  • Tracing American Indian Ancestry

It is a good jumping off point for finding where a huge number of genealogical resources can be found. 

No – you won’t find your great grandma’s birth date on the page – but you might just be led to a place where it can be found!

Check it out!


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      1. I’m somewhat expanding my blog to help relatives and friends I’ve enticed into starting their own family history searches. Your blog has been so helpful to me that I’m linking to it on my new “Favorite Blogs” page. I don’t expect you’ll get a whole lot of traffic from that initially but maybe it will grow. 🙂 Anyway, I know that my friends will get a lot of help from your posts like I have. Thank you ever so much for your very interesting and helpful articles.

  1. I would like to get some records of immigration around 1905-6 of a couple coming from Germany, Matilda and James Standiford with possibly one girl and one small male child named James E. Standiford. They lived in New York for approximately two years and then moved to KC MO. where Matilda (Fishbacker or FIshbacher) sisters had immigrated to earlier. At some point their names were changed to Burns. Can any one help me. They were married May2 1911-12 Sincerely Tammy D. Starosta

  2. I’m looking For Badger ancestors in canada and the Roberts all census all reports on ancestory listed them as black roman catholic or french i can’t get past my great grandpa roberts because all of his records show three mothers all different dates like his family didn’t exist. even with my great great grandma badger i can’t even get past her father joseph badger and mother anna boucher. everyone else adds up but its like nothing backs up the roberts and the badgers, and my family are not what they listed, the family and the names that came out from what i could find are well known tribal names in my area.

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