Use Newspaper Articles to Give Your Website Color

I’ve seen many family history websites that have hundreds of words strung together to tell a story of a person or a family.  I’ve even had posts like that myself.

And many of them go on and on about dates of birth, marriages, and death.

But it is BORING! No one likes to read a blog post like they read a novel.  How about a photo or two – or better yet – if the story is mostly represented by a newspaper article – then include the article.

See how these headlines get your attention?

Don’t these headlines INVITE you to read the article.  I think they do.

C’mon – give it a try.  You (and your readers) will like it!

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  1. I love researching in old newspapers. Downside: It is so easy to side tracked by all the intersting articles and quirky advertisments.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. Theresa,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I agree with you about old newspapers. I have found so much about my ancestors because of newspapers and not just obits. Crimes (unfortunately) and lots of other stories. It is easy to get sidetracked. The writing several decades ago was much more flowery than today’s newspapers.

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