Veridian Software Update and User Text Correction for Newspapers


Source: DL Consulting, Ltd.
I am not a fan of many of the newspaper research software that is out there, for a number of reasons.  But I am a fan of a couple of software companies that make newspaper research online easier, and one of them is DL Consulting of New Zealand.  Their software product, Veridian is used in the U.S. and other countries.

I became a fan when I started doing newspaper research using their product for the California Newspaper Collection, provided by the University of California, Riverside.  I have a few hundred ancestors and relatives in the state so naturally I was interested in searching old newspapers from that collection.

Also, you might be familiar with them through their “search multiple collections at once” service, Elephind.

​In any case I just received their most recent newsletter, and thought I would share it with you. It discusses some of their most recent software activity as well as one of my favorite features that they offer – User Text Correction.

I won’t repeat the content of their newsletter but you can read it here: August 2018 – Veridian Newsletter


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