33 Different Things You Can Find About Your Ancestors By Searching Old Newspapers

Searching old newspapers is my favorite genealogy research activity. Why? Because it helps me to discover the stories of my ancestors’ lives. Looking for obituaries is rather obvious, but what other things can one find in these sometimes one hundred or hundred and fifty-year-old pieces of paper? In the attached Quick Reference Guide is a […]

40 Old Time Illnesses and Their Current Names

When doing our genealogy research, whether looking at death certificates, newspaper articles, or other sources, we are often faced with different terminology for things.  Nowhere is that more evident than in medical terminology. Whether the term is written in an old letter, a newspaper article, or an official document, we are often faced with the […]

Two Hidden Secrets to Find a Ton More Results from the FamilySearch Catalog

Full disclosure:  I love the FamilySearch Catalog! For those collections that are available online, and the books that have been digitized, there are tens of thousands to choose from. For the online collections and books, I can use my PC at home to scroll through digitized page after digitized page, just as if I had […]

Mastering Chronicling America’s Advanced Search

Essentially, there are two methods to search Chronicling America for historical newspapers. Basic Search, available from the Home Page as well as the “Search Pages” tab, allows you to enter your search criteria, and restrict results to a single state and to a range of years. The Advanced Search, which I highly recommend that you […]