How to Develop Online Newspaper Research Skills

This webinar is intended to build newspaper research skills for genealogy and history researchers. Online newspaper research can be a frustrating endeavor for several reasons. The goal is for the audience to understand why it can be difficult and to learn some skills that will drastically improve search results. There are four sections in the webinar: 

  • Why search old newspapers?
  • The challenges in searching old newspapers online
  • Several skills and techniques to successfully search newspapers online
  • A detailed demonstration of these skills and techniques

It will last one hour, including time for questions. There are no handouts.

Currently, it is intended for Genealogy and Historical Societies, as well as Libraries and other institutions or groups.

The price is reasonable, and I can schedule and do the webinar with minimal notice (if you have a last-minute cancellation for example).

Just email me at kenmarksology@gmail.com to schedule an upcoming webinar or to ask questions.

I love teaching people how to find their ancestor stories in online newspapers.

Note: I am working on a 3-hour webinar, which expands the research techniques. It will be posted here when it is ready.