Webinar – Using the New Chronicling America Version 2.0 – It is Different and It is Better

This webinar discusses and demonstrates the new Version 2.0 of Chronicling America (CA). The most recent version of Chronicling America has been in use since 2011. This new version being deployed this year has some exciting new features that will make your search experience more beneficial and more enjoyable.

Here are the highlights;

There are three parts to CA. This webinar features how to use all of the three:

  • Collection Items – Where you can perform a Basic and Advanced Search
  • All Digitized Titles – Where you can discover which Newspaper Titles and Date Ranges are available in the CA Database
  • Directory of U.S. Newspapers in American Libraries – Where you can discover where non-digitized titles are held

Some of the new features include results filtering, auto fill-in of counties, cities, titles, and ethnicities after selecting a state, and several more.

The majority of the session will be demonstrations on how to use these new features as well as how to navigate the new software.

It will last one hour, including time for questions. 

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