Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – Freedmen’s Bureau Online

The Freedman’s Bureau Online website is an important set of links to genealogy collections to assist African Americans in researching their ancestors. From the website: “The Freedmen’s Bureau, was established in the War Department by an act of March 3, 1865. The Bureau supervised all relief and educational activities relating to refugees and freedmen, including issuing rations, […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – FamilySearch Wiki

The Wiki is amazing.  It has over 100,000 articles and essentially is as the website states: “Find the birth, death, marriage, census records, and other genealogy resources for your ancestor.” The Wiki is a guide to finding where to look for a specific location or genealogy resource category. There likely is an article that will […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – Veridian

Veridian Software is the product and service provided by DL Consulting, a company that resides in Hamilton, New Zealand. They specialize in national newspaper collections worldwide, large statewide collections in the United States, and universities. Some of the unique features of their software are the ability to handle different alphabets, such as Hebrew for the […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – was started in 1997 as a directory of links to cemetery websites. Since that time, they expanded to begin including burial records that contain the name of the deceased, the cemetery, and its location; the location of the burial plot; and birth, death, and burial dates. To access the site, go to Click […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – Sanborn Maps

The Sanborn Map Collection is available via the Library of Congress. There are maps available from all 50 states in the US, and DC, as well as Canada, Cuba, and Mexico. From the website: “The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Online Checklist provides a searchable database of the fire insurance maps published by the Sanborn Map Company […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – The Official Land Records Site

The US Department of the Interior (DoI) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a very rich website with several search engines to assist in genealogy research for your ancestors who had land. From the website: “Welcome to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site. We provide live access to Federal land conveyance records […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – Patriot and Grave Registry

The Patriot Research System is a website provided by the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). It provides several databases of interest to Revolutionary War-era genealogy researchers. From their website: “The PRS is a combination of the previous NSSAR Patriot and Graves Registry (Online), NSSAR Revolutionary War Graves Registry (Book and CD), information from the […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – LDS Genealogy

LDS Genealogy dot com is a massive set of links to genealogical records, collections, and websites. It includes links to free resources as well as those resources that require a subscription. I encourage you to read the website’s FAQ page, which is at: Contrary to what one might surmise about the title – the […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – FamilySearch

FamilySearch was founded in 1894 as the Genealogical Society of Utah. It is without question, the most useful website for genealogy research on the planet, and it is totally free. In 1999, the FamilySearch website was launched. In 2020, it had over 400,000 visitors per day. Probably its most well-known feature is the ability for […]

Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – Cyndi’s List

Cyndi’s List is a massive and important resource for all genealogy researchers. It was started by Cyndi Ingle in 1996, and in my opinion, is one of the most useful resources that can guide you in your personal research. It is much more than a card catalog. There are various ways to reach resource links […]