Starting at the end of 2021, I began writing and publishing books intended to assist you with your genealogy research. They are written practically so that you have ready-to-use tools and techniques to further your family history research.

Below are summaries about each book, with the link to Amazon, where they are available for purchase, either in paperback or eBook formats.

Published in November, 2022

“Finding Your Ancestors For Free – Your Guide to the Best Online Archives, Collections, and Websites”

Available via Amazon at

In paperback, eBook, and you get a free PDF as a bonus.


  • About the Author
  • Getting Started
  • The History of Free
  • Not All Records are Online
  • Free Access to Subscription Databases
  • Access to Free Collections for Residents
  • Why Isn’t Genealogy Always Free?

Nationwide Websites

  • Aggregation Sites
  • Link Sites
  • Library Sites
  • Cemetery Sites
  • Newspaper Sites
  • Miscellaneous Sites

State Websites


Published in November, 2021

“Learning More About Your Ancestors Online – Genealogy Guides for Newbies, Hobbyists, and Old Pros”

Available via Amazon at

In paperback and eBook.

  • Introduction
  • Birth and marriage 
  • Death records and  information 
  • General advice about genealogy research
  • Immigration, naturalization, travel
  • Military 
  • Miscellaneous records
  • Newspaper research
  • Occupations
  • Photos and physical description
  • Residences and other locations
  • Schools and yearbooks
  • Resources

Just Published – March 6th

“Finding Your Ancestors’ Obituaries: The Complete Genealogy Guide to Obituaries”

Available via Amazon at

In paperback, eBook, and you get a free PDF as a bonus.

Delve into the fascinating history of obituaries and discover what crucial information they contain, with real-life examples to help you understand their importance. You’ll also learn expert techniques for finding and obtaining obituaries in both obituary databases and online newspaper archives, making your research easier than ever before.

But that’s not all! With over 10,000 free online obituary databases and 50,000 historical newspaper titles for the United States and Canada in the Appendix, you’ll have access to an incredible wealth of resources to aid your research.

This book isn’t just about finding obituaries—it’s about using them to gain a deeper understanding of your family’s story. With helpful tips on analyzing obituaries and incorporating them into your genealogy research, “Finding Your Ancestors’ Obituaries” is an essential part of any genealogy reference collection.

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