175,000 Free Genealogy Books Available Online at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a remarkable resource for performing online genealogy research. There are hundreds of thousands of online genealogy resources such as BMD records, newspapers, yearbooks, town records, and much much more.

Another set of resources that are available and are numerous are eBooks. They can be read online; some are downloadable; some you can read online without restrictions, and some you can borrow for an hour at a time.

There are over 38.5 MILLION books available.

You can search by keyword. Here are some examples and links:

All you have to do to change the subject is to first go to the main eBook page at https://archive.org/details/texts and then enter your desired keyword in the “Search this Collection” box on the upper left of the page.

The largest provider in the Genealogy category is the Allen County Genealogy Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana with over 73,000 books!

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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