35,100 Total FREE U.S. Historical Newspaper Links – Final 2020 Update

On this website, the first set of free online links to U.S. historical newspapers was published in February 2014. Updates were added in June 2015, December 2015, June 2016, February 2017,  July 2017,  December 2017,  March 2018,  June 2018, November 2018, March 2019, July 2019, December 2019, and July 2020.

This final update of 2020 adds another 1,975 titles.

The grand total is over 35,100 FREE links to historical American newspapers!

More and more newspapers are being digitized and are being made available for all of us to research. Some are full-text searchable and others are browsable.

I will continue to follow the digitization activities across the country and hope to publish the next update in Spring 2021. 

You need to know where these links to new and updated collections can be found so that you can discover articles about your ancestors. Hopefully, these 51 articles full of free links will assist you in your discovery and research.

To search the new (and old)  and updated links, choose your state link below and see all the newspapers that are available for you to research. 

(Please note – there may be more that I have not yet discovered, and if you are aware of some that I have not included, please let me know in the comments)​

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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