Advantage Archives Adds 700 Thousand Historical Newspaper Pages – May 2022

In February 2017, I started publishing a list of the catalog of online historical newspapers from over 400 different collections put together by the Advantage Archives Company, developed in conjunction with the libraries, historical societies, and museums across the U.S. that preserve the historical newspapers for their communities. The list has grown a lot since then. Now there are over 800 collections – a 100% percent growth in five years.

To see the latest complete list, click on 95 Million Historic U.S. Newspaper Pages Now Available from Advantage Archives

Here are the new County and Library collections that were added after the previous monthly Advantage Archives update, followed by the collections that have had newspapers added to their existing collections in the last month. 

​New County and Library Collections (listed by county; includes name and link to the collection, and the number of issues or pages):


New Hampshire


Updated Collections

Here is a list by state and county of the existing online collections that had pages added in the last month that are available to search for free:





New Hampshire

New York

North Dakota


Rhode Island

South Dakota



​If you wish to see a complete list of links to historical newspapers that are searchable for free from companies like Advantage Archives and many others, check out Newspaper Links.

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