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175,000 Free Genealogy Books Available Online at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a remarkable resource for performing online genealogy research. There are hundreds of thousands of online genealogy resources such as BMD records, newspapers, yearbooks, town records, and much much more. Another set of resources that are available and are numerous are eBooks. They can be read online; some are downloadable; some you […]

The Library of Congress Digital Collections

The Library of Congress’s Digital Collections are large and growing. Currently, there are 514 different collections. They are divided into 15 different topics (the number of collections is in brackets): For genealogy research, there are three topics that are quite useful, although many of them might have pertinent information that can assist us. On the […]

Genealogy Information in Funeral and Memorial Books

There are a bunch of different documents and records that the genealogist and family historian can utilize to find out more about one’s ancestors, no matter whether they be related to life event dates or locations or include other information.  I have found that funeral and memorial books hold a ton of interesting information, much […]

The Ancestor Hunt Greatest Hits – First Quarter 2023

Here is the Greatest Hits Album for The Ancestor Hunt for this previous quarter of 2023. There are two sides (A Side and B Side), each with 8 Tracks (posts), along with 8 Bonus Tracks (pages). These are the most popular of the hundreds of posts published by The Ancestor Hunt over these last 3 […]

DNA Inheritance and Genetic Genealogy

This is a guest article from Trace with some introductory material regarding DNA and Genealogy. They are offering a 20% discount for The Ancestor Hunt subscribers for an outstanding detailed webinar training course all about DNA and Genealogy. Just click on THIS LINK and enter the Coupon Code:  AHSPRING23.  The coupon will be valid 3/1 – 3/20 and […]

Genealogy Information in Passport Applications

One of the often overlooked genealogical documents are passport applications and the passports themselves. For United States passport applications, required reading is from the U.S. National Archives – Passport Applications. The history, types, limitations, and how to access the microfilms of registers and indexes are included. So what unique and interesting information can be found […]

What To Do About The Missing 1890 Census?

A person who starts researching their family history very quickly runs into the question – ”What Happened to the 1890 Census? The Census Bureau explains it best in this link: U.S. Census Bureau History: 1890 Census Fire, January 10, 1921 In summary, a fire at the U.S. Commerce building in Washington DC destroyed a substantial […]

64 Genealogy Items to Collect From Home

Are you just starting your genealogy research? Are you going to write your autobiography or a bunch of family stories? Maybe you are going to write a biography of your grandmother? You are surrounded by genealogy-related items in your home (or in your grandmother’s home). Here’s a list of the items that will not only […]

Mastering Google Search for Genealogy

Normally when people think of Google, they think of the search engine. As genealogy researchers, it is imperative that we learn to use the Google search engine effectively since it can help us find ancestors, relevant documents, and many more pertinent things to help find our ancestors. Listed below are a number of highly effective […]

Find Online Social Security Applications, Claims, and Death Records

To access online Social Security information regarding application (SS-5 form) data, death, and claim forms, you use the online NUMIDENT database. What’s a NUMIDENT you might ask? It is short for the Social Security Administration’s Numerical Identification Files (NUMIDENT). There are three types of entries in NUMIDENT: death, application (SS-5), and claim records. For those […]