Genealogy Information in Tax Records

Another type of genealogy record that provides tremendous value is tax records. Like city directories and voting registers, for example, they provide information for us between federal censuses. They also can go back to colonial times. Types of Taxes Types of Information in Tax Records Derivative information, such as birth date, death date, and date […]

Genealogy Information in School Records

Do you research school records? I’m not talking about yearbooks. Those can be found on the Yearbooks Page. I’m talking about actual school records, such as enrollment, attendance, and grade reports for example. These are interesting source documents because they might record the students age, birth date and location, and possibly their parents names. All great […]

Genealogy Information in Probate Records and Wills

Does the thought of locating and searching through old probate records and wills turn you off, because you will need to go through some court’s smelly basement, where you have to pore through dusty old files of records? Let me tell you, whether you have to find them that way or online, they are incredibly […]

Genealogy Information in Newspapers

Searching old newspapers is my favorite genealogy research activity. Why? Because it helps me to discover the stories of my ancestors’ lives. Looking for obituaries is rather obvious, but what other things can one find in these sometimes one hundred or hundred and fifty-year-old pieces of paper? Here is a list of 40 of the […]

Where to Find Birth Information

When researching our ancestors, one of the most important events is obviously their birth (otherwise they wouldn’t be ancestors – but I digress). Determining the date and location of birth is important as we document the major events in their lives. Most folks limit their search to the obvious repositories, whether online or not. But there […]

50 Genealogy Items in Immigration Records

When I first started my ancestor research, after I had gotten over the initial excitement of reviewing census records and interviewing my living relatives, I almost immediately began trying to find my immigrant ancestors and how they got to America. Through free repositories such as Ellis Island and Castle Garden and other sites, as well […]

MyHeritage New and Updated Collections – November 1-30, 2023

MyHeritage continues to add or update its records collections at a fast pace for us to search. For the period of November 1-30, 2023, There are 27 new and 13 updated collections. The new and updated collections are: I hope that some of these are what you have been waiting for! Good Luck and Happy […]

Use Nicknames in Genealogy Search

In many genealogically related documents (especially newspapers and census records), nicknames were frequently used, as those names were more often used than the “formal” given name of the person. Your search index database is not smart enough, for example, to interpret ‘Sadie” for the formal given name of “Sarah”. Thus, you will need to use both names separately in […]

Genealogy Information in Military Records

Military records are yet another very useful set of records that will help you in finding more about your ancestors. There are a ton of records that are available for free online, and there are some very robust collections (such as Fold3 and Ancestry) that have sizable online military collections as well. Typically, military records […]

Find Better Genealogy Results With Abbreviations

In census records, birth, marriage, and death indexes, as well as newspapers, you are likely to find abbreviations of people’s given or first names. So, when searching online, it behooves us to search with the abbreviation of that first name as well as the full first name. I did a search for “Thomas Johnson” in […]