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The Ancestor Hunt Greatest Hits

To celebrate this, the 8th anniversary of the birth of “The Ancestor Hunt”, we are making available a Greatest Hits Album. There are two sides (A Side and B Side), each with 6 Tracks (posts) each, along with 4 Bonus Tracks (posts). These are the most popular of the hundreds of posts published by The […]

Write Your Autobiography Easily with “A Life Untold”

  For those of you who follow The Ancestor Hunt, you know that I rarely if ever promote products.  However, I do like to make you aware of new offerings that you might wish to explore. I have always wanted to write my autobiography, not to mention writing biographies of some of my favorite ancestors. […]

Recording Your Families History – A Great Alternative to Writing

I have been having discussions for the last few months with my friend Alan Martin about recording one’s family history as an alternative or adjunct to writing it. I have been writing my ancestor’s family history through blog posts on my two family history websites for years.  I fully intend to write a book about one […]