Here at The Ancestor Hunt, we are dedicated to making it easier for researchers to find and document their ancestors’ life stories. Furthermore, we believe that our ancestors should be honored and remembered. The achievement of these goals is the primary factor in selecting the products that we represent. Wherever possible, we try to negotiate discounts and offer them to you so that you can achieve these goals.

A Life Untold

Produce an online history easily with text, video, and audio from online questions. Proceed at your own pace, and add questions if you like. Very easy to use.​

Available at A Life Untold. Try it out. and obtain a 10% discount available by using “HUNT as a coupon code.


Capture photos, artifacts, heirlooms, and documents with this all-in-one lightbox with multiple options. Easy to set up; strong materials.

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Produce an online history easily with text, video, and audio from online questions on your phone. You can contribute content in a minute or several-minute increments.

Whoowe is available from the AppStore and Google Play. Info at Try it out for free. Discount coupon for readers coming soon.


Hit a Brick Wall? Need Help?   Sometimes, we need to call in an expert, and yes, we may have to pay a few bucks, but it’s worth it. Get some help from  

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