Did You Know That Ancestry Has 1,097 FREE Collections?

Did you know that there are many Free Index Collections available on Ancestry dot com? And yes, you do not need a subscription to access them (but you need to have registered, which is free).’

Here is the list of the 1,097 Free and Free Index Collections (as of June 18, 2021):

​Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

2 replies on “Did You Know That Ancestry Has 1,097 FREE Collections?”

It says there is 1097 free collections, but it gives you 14 free trial and asks for a credit card.

How do you access the free collections,

You need to click on one of the links that are listed in blue. If it is a Free Index then you will get the index info for free, but if you close CK on the images, those are not free.

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