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Do you often find yourself wanting or needing to know what county a city is located in or what places might be found in a specific county?

You could do a Google search but what if you had a handy list that included a list of all the cities, other places, and ghost towns that identified their corresponding county along with a list of the counties in a state that listed all of the places in that county?

What is a place? Besides cities and towns, you will find that the names of other places may vary from state to state. Most states have  Census Designated Places, Unincorporated communities, Indian Reservations, and ghost towns. Other places may be known as villages, hamlets, historic districts, townships, boroughs, municipalities, and more.

Below is a list of all the places in the state and their corresponding county.

There might be duplicates of a single city as some cities are identified as being located in two or more counties. 

It is important to understand that the county and place correlations are based on today’s geography. Defunct counties and the places that were in them when they existed, as well as changes in county borders and the resulting changes in place correlations, are also not identified in this list.

Each place has a link to a page that includes information about that place. The page may include geographical information, historical information, current information about the place and its surroundings, and much more.

Included also, is a Downloadable PDF with two lists:

  • A list of places and their corresponding county
  • A list of counties with the places that are in that county

The Download button is at the bottom of the list of places.

District of Columbia Places and Corresponding Ward

Adams MorganWard 1
American University ParkWard 3
AnacostiaWard 8
ArboretumWard 5
Barnaby WoodsWard 4
Barney CircleWard 6
Barry FarmWard 8
BellevueWard 8
BenningWard 7
Benning HeightsWard 7
Benning RidgeWard 7
BerkleyWard 3
BloomingdaleWard 5
BrentwoodWard 5
BrightwoodWard 4
Brightwood ParkWard 4
BrooklandWard 5
Buena VistaWard 8
BurleithWard 2
BurrvilleWard 7
Capitol HillWard 6
Capitol ViewWard 7
Carver LangstonWard 5
Cathedral HeightsWard 3
Central NortheastWard 7
Chevy ChaseWard 3
Chevy ChaseWard 4
ChinatownWard 2
Civic BettermentWard 7
Cleveland ParkWard 3
Colonial VillageWard 4
Colony HillWard 3
Columbia HeightsWard 1
Congress HeightsWard 8
CrestwoodWard 4
DeanwoodWard 7
DouglassWard 8
DowntownWard 2
Dupont CircleWard 2
Dupont ParkWard 7
East River HeightsWard 7
Eastland GardensWard 7
EckingtonWard 5
EdgewoodWard 5
Fairfax VillageWard 7
FairlawnWard 8
Foggy BottomWard 2
Forest HillsWard 3
Fort DavisWard 7
Fort DupontWard 7
Fort LincolnWard 5
Fort StantonWard 7
Fort Stevens RidgeWard 4
Fort TottenWard 4
Fort TottenWard 5
FoxhallWard 3
Friendship HeightsWard 3
Garfield HeightsWard 8
GatewayWard 5
GeorgetownWard 2
Glover ParkWard 3
Good HopeWard 7
GreenwayWard 7
HawthorneWard 4
HillbrookWard 7
HillcrestWard 7
Ivy CityWard 5
Judiciary SquareWard 6
KaloramaWard 1
KaloramaWard 2
KenilworthWard 7
KentWard 3
Kingman ParkWard 6
LangdonWard 5
LeDroit ParkWard 1
Lincoln HeightsWard 7
Logan CircleWard 2
Manor ParkWard 4
Marshall HeightsWard 7
Massachusetts HeightsWard 3
MayfairWard 7
McLean GardensWard 3
Michigan ParkWard 5
Mount PleasantWard 1
Mount Vernon SquareWard 2
Mount Vernon TriangleWard 6
Navy YardWard 6
Naylor GardensWard 7
Near NortheastWard 6
NoMaWard 6
North Cleveland ParkWard 3
North Michigan ParkWard 5
North Portal EstatesWard 4
Northeast BoundaryWard 7
Observatory CircleWard 3
Park NaylorWard 8
Park ViewWard 1
Penn BranchWard 7
Penn QuarterWard 2
PetworthWard 4
Pleasant HillWard 5
Pleasant PlainsWard 1
Potomac HeightsWard 3
Queens ChapelWard 4
Queens ChapelWard 5
Randle HighlandsWard 7
Riggs ParkWard 4
River TerraceWard 7
ShawWard 2
ShawWard 6
Shepherd ParkWard 4
Shipley TerraceWard 8
Sixteenth Street HeightsWard 4
SkylandWard 8
Southwest Federal CenterWard 2
Southwest WaterfrontWard 6
Spring ValleyWard 3
Stronghold-Metropolis ViewWard 5
Sursum CordaWard 6
SwampoodleWard 6
TakomaWard 4
TenleytownWard 3
The PalisadesWard 3
TrinidadWard 5
Truxton CircleWard 5
TwiningWard 7
U Street Corridor (Cardozo/Shaw)Ward 1
WakefieldWard 3
Washington HighlandsWard 8
Wesley HeightsWard 3
West EndWard 2
WoodlandWard 8
Woodland NormanstoneWard 3
Woodley ParkWard 1
Woodley ParkWard 3
WoodridgeWard 5

To Download the PDF with the two counties and places lists, click on the Download button below:

Important Note: This material has been reformatted from Wikipedia – “Populated places in the United States by County”, under a CC-SA license found at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

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