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In 2014, this website began to curate links to free online newspapers in the United States. The initial publication listed about 10,000 titles. A few years later, digitized and free Canadian newspaper collection links were curated and published. Today, between the two countries there are over 47,500 historical newspaper titles that are listed. The common denominator is that they are free to search and/or browse online.

This brings us to Europe. There are 44 countries in Europe. I suspect that we will not be able to find free titles in all the countries, but that is our goal.

Each country’s page will list nationwide titles, titles from other collections, and individual titles that are free to search and browse. Many countries have titles from other countries in their national libraries. They will be listed on the page of the collection that holds that title.


Nationwide Collections

Gallica – Les principaux quotidiens/ The main daily newspapers

Gallica – Les hebdomadaires/Weeklies

Gallica – Presse coloniale/Colonial Press

Gallica – Journaux clandestins de la Résistance/Clandestine newspapers of the Resistance

Gallica – Anciens combattants/Veterans

Gallica – ​Journaux de tranchées/Trench Logs

Gallica – Presse politique/Political Press

Gallica – Presse féministe/Feminist Press

Gallica – Presse par pays ou zone géographique/Press by Country or Geographic Region

Gallica – Presse par thématiques/Press by Themes

Other Collections

Mercure François,  1605-1643

Bibliothèque Numérique du CERMTRI

National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers

  • Bulletin de l’Alliance Israélite Universelle, 1860–1913
  • Ha-Levanon [Hebrew], Jerusalem, Paris, Mainz, and London, 1863–1886
  • Information Juive [French], Algiers, Algeria and Paris, France, 1948–1977
  • Paix et Droit [French], Paris, 1921–1940

Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon

Presse Lyonnaise du XIXème,  1790 to 1944

Presse 14-18  (Trench Diaries/Newspapers written by soldiers 1914-1919)


Note: A searchable archive that catalogs newspapers that can be found in other collections on this page as well as some additional newspapers

Miscellaneous Titles

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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Thank you so much for this list. I do most of my research in France and this will allow me to narrow what I want to look at. I don’t know how you compile this list from Gallica, but this is certainly useful. Thanks.

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