Free Canada High School and College Yearbooks Online

Yearbooks from high school or college are one of the most fun sets of records for a genealogist to search. It provides you with a ton of story-like information about your ancestor’s life. What their interests were, what sports and clubs they participated in, and often some goofy snapshots of them before they settled into being an adult. And of course, you get to see what they looked like.

Here are a few articles that may convince you to research these gems:

And here is an article providing information on where else you can find online yearbooks; some need a subscription and some do not: 

​Please note that the articles listed above may be U.S.-centric.

Please note that some of the yearbooks are not searchable but are an image of each page in the yearbook.

Please note that there may seem to be duplicates. If there are, that means that there are multiple sites where the same school’s yearbooks are available online.

​(Updated December 2022)

Below is a list of links to free online yearbooks from Canada. Just select the province that you are interested in to see the schools and yearbooks available:

To see free online yearbooks from the U.S. please visit the Yearbooks page.

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I am interested in getting my schools yearbooks posted online and need to know what services are available to make this happen.

I suspect that you do not wish to pay for them to be digitized. The best way is to donate them to a nearby library who might be interested in making them available to their patrons. If you get lucky, they might be interested in digitizing them.

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