Free Online Genealogy Website of the Day – Dead Fred

In short, Dead Fred is a photo archive. The site has been in existence for over 20 years. From the website: Dead Fred’s Genealogy Photo Archive, a free, fun photo genealogy research website devoted to helping you visualize your heritage!”

If you are interested in obtaining a photo of your ancestors, you should try Dead Fred. There are not millions of identified photos, but you can search rapidly and determine if there is a hit for the ancestor you are seeking. Dead Fred has a few thousand people who have contributed photos to the site. There currently are about 23,000 surnames and over 150,000 records in the database. The main functions of the site are as follows:

  • Search Photos – You can search by 12 different fields, including name, date range, and location, as well as photographer. You can even specify the type of photo to search for.
  • Post Photos – If you wish to contribute a photo, you use this function.
  • Surnames – You can select the surname from a list, and the results will be all photos of people with that surname.
  • Mysteries – Search through the Mysteries section of the database, where there is incomplete information regarding the photo subject.
  • Photographers – You can search through a list of known photographers and which photos in the database were
  • Annuals – There is a list of yearbooks, sorted by year, where you can look at the photo pages of yearbooks. There is not a great number, but it is worth a look.

There is an excellent FAQ section, which likely answers almost all questions a user might have. Dead Fred is a fun and easily usable site that might have a photo of your ancestor! To access the site, go to

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