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City and business directories are available online from all over the U.S. and are what I consider another important set of information that can assist you in advancing your family history and genealogy research.

This activity of presenting links is a collaborative effort between The Ancestor Hunt and Miriam Robbins, who for years has made available the Online Historical Directories website, which presents links to directories of all types that are available online, including free collections as well as those available only via subscription. I wish to thank Miriam for her help in launching this category of records at The Ancestor Hunt.

So, what kinds of directories are available to the researcher?  Naturally city and business directories, but also telephone directories, and alumni, farm, lodge, rural, and social directories.

What can you find in these records? How about:

  • Full names, including middle names
  • Spouse name
  • Occupation
  • Widows, working women, and adult children at home.
  • Maps
  • Businesses (and index to advertisers).
  • Addresses and maps of churches, schools, funeral homes, cemeteries, post offices, courts, hospitals, benevolent associations, and newspapers.
  • Whether a woman is a widow (including the name of her husband).
  • List of marriages and deaths of the previous year.
  • Death date.
  • etc.

Here are a few good primers on the benefits of searching historical city and other directories:​

And here are various places where you can find other city directories online: 

Note: Some of the links listed take you to a FamilySearch Collection of digital images. Near the bottom of the page under Film/Digital Notes is the name of each sub-collection. If there is a camera icon at the right of the name (in the Format column) then the collections’ images are browsable. If there is a camera with a key icon, it is only available at a Family History Center or affiliated library. If there is a film reel icon, then it is only available in microfilm format, not digital. To take full advantage, please make sure that you are logged in to FamilySearch. The results may be different if you are signed in, rather than not.

(Updated February 2024)

Minnesota City Directories

Links to these free collections are presented initially with statewide collections, followed in alphabetical order by city or county. Generally, the publishing company is included in the reference to the collection, along with the collection title, and the date(s) of the directory:




Chippewa County

Clay County



Fillmore County


Lac qui Parle County


Mille Lacs County


Minneapolis and St. Paul


Mower County

Nicollet County

Olmsted County

Otter Tail County

Pipestone County

Red Wing


Sherburne County

Sibley County

St. Anthony

St. Cloud

St. Louis Park

St. Paul


Winona County

Wright County

For all Free Minnesota Collection Links in 24 Genealogy Categories, go to the By Location Page, click on Minnesota, and then click on the category of interest.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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How can we collaborate to get mankato directories live on your site? I’ve been trying to determine if I should create my own non profit website but this seems to be ideal to fit into

Thanks for asking, Adam. My site just provides links to already digitized collections. I don’t house the collections themselves. But if you find those collections after they have been digitized or do them yourself, please let me know.

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