Georgia Online Historical Newspapers Summary

Georgia has one statewide collection for searching historical newspapers. Several states use the Library of Congress Chronicling America site as their main central online site for searching old newspapers and currently, Georgia has just a few newspapers available on that site. There are many free online newspapers also available on other sites and there are collections available on subscription sites. Below is a list of where the titles are stored and the link so that you can access them. 

There are about 2,400 newspapers that have been published in the Peach State – certainly not all of them are searchable online. But there are several that are indeed available. So go for it – find your Georgia ancestors and all the interesting articles that capture the stories of their lives. 

Please note that I have not always entered the dates that are included in the collections, as I suspect they will change as more items are digitized. Also, I suspect that some of these links may change over time – so if there is a dead link – please use your favorite search engine to find their new location. 

(Updated October 2022; recently added links are in BOLD)

Obituary Genealogy Guide

Free Sites:

Statewide Collections:

Chronicling America – Georgia Newspapers

Google News Archive

Georgia Historic Newspapers

County and Library Collections:

Colquitt County
Moultrie Colquitt County Library

  • Moultrie Observer 
  • The Moultrie Observer 
  • Weekly Moultrie Observer 
  • Daily Observer 
  • The Observer

Dawson County
Dawson County Library Archives

  • Cosmopolite 
  • Dawson County Advertiser 
  • Dawson County Advertiser And Dawson County News 
  • Dawson County News 
  • Dawson News And Advertiser 
  • Dawsonville News 
  • Mountain Chronicle 

Glynn County
Marshes of Glynn Library

  • The Brunswick News 

Lee County
Lee County Library

  • Lee County Herald 
  • Lee County Journal
  • Leesburg Journal 
  • Americus Weekly Times Recorder 
  • Leesburg Hustler 
  • Lee County Ledger

Morgan County
Azalea Regional Library System

  • Adairsville Banner
  • Adairsville Ledger 
  • Advertiser 
  • Alpharetta Free Press 
  • Baptist Banner
  • Brunswick Daily Advertiser 
  • Cherokee Georgian 
  • Chipley Leader 
  • Confederate Pension 
  • Cordelean 
  • Countryman 
  • Daily Advertiser Appeal 
  • Daily Madisonian 
  • Decatur County Advance 
  • Douglas Enterprise 
  • Eatonton Messenger
  • Elbert Beacon 
  • Elberton Gazette 
  • Elberton News 
  • Evening Post 
  • Farmers Gazette 
  • Gazette 
  • Georgia Advocate 
  • Georgia Journal 
  • Georgia Reporter And Christian Gazette 
  • Hancock Advertiser 
  • Herald 
  • Ishmaelite 
  • Jasper County News 
  • Madison Home Journal 
  • Madison Yeoman 
  • Madisonian 
  • Manchester Star Mercury 
  • Messenger 
  • Missionary 
  • Morgan County Citizen 
  • Morgan County News 
  • Mount Zion Presbyterian Church 
  • Press And Messenger
  • Rough Rices Ready Reporter 
  • Southern Miscellany 
  • Southern Museum 
  • Southern Tribune 
  • Sparta Ishmaelite 
  • Sparta Times And Planters 
  • Star of The South 
  • Star 
  • State Press 
  • Sunday Madisonian 
  • The Georgian 
  • The Ishmaelite And Times And Planter 
  • The Sparta Ishmaelite 
  • Voice of The People 
  • Walker County Messenger 
  • Walton Tribune 
  • Weekly Madisonian 
  • Weekly Southron 
  • Western Herald 

Worth County
Worth County Library Archives

  • Sumner Free Trader 
  • Sylvester Local 
  • Sylvester Local News 
  • Worth County Local 
  • Worth County News 

Andrew W. Cain Newspaper Collection 1864-1905

  • Dahlonega Nugget
  • Dahlonega Signal
  • Signal and Advertiser
  • Advertiser
  • Mountain Signal

Bulloch County Newspapers

  • Bulloch Times (1893-1898; 1905-1906; 1907-1917; 1958-1962)
  • Bulloch Times and Statesboro News (1917-1920)
  • Bulloch Times (Statesboro News-Statesboro Eagle) (1920-1957)
  • Statesboro News (1901-1916)
  • Statesboro Star (1894, 1899)
  • The Bulloch County Banner (1893)
  • The Bulloch Herald (1899)

Student Collections:

Agnes Scott College – Decatur

Albany State University – Albany

Atlanta University – Atlanta

Armstrong College- Savannah

Augusta University – Augusta

Berry College – Rome

Brenau University – Gainesville

College of Coastal Georgia – Brunswick

Columbus State University – Columbus

Covenant College – Lookout Mountain

Dalton State College – Dalton

Emory University – Atlanta

Fort Valley State University – Fort Valley

Gainesville College – Gainesville

Georgia College – Milledgeville

Georgia Perimeter College – Decatur

Georgia State University – Atlanta

Georgia Southern University – Armstrong

Georgia Southern University – Statesboro

Georgia Tech – Atlanta

Kennesaw State University – Kennesaw

Medical College of Georgia – Augusta

Mercer University – Macon

Morehouse College – Atlanta

Morehouse School of Medicine – Atlanta

Oglethorpe University – Atlanta

Piedmont College – Demorest

Savannah State University – Savannah

Spelman College – Atlanta

University of Georgia – Athens

University of North Georgia – ​Daholonega

University of North Georgia – ​Gainesville

University of West Georgia – Carrollton

Valdosta State University – Valdosta

Miscellaneous Collections and Indexes:

Independent Voices – Alternative Newspapers

  • Polylogue
  • Rap!
  • Last harass
  • Great Speckled Bird

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Newspapers 1933-1942​

Small Town Papers

Old Fulton Postcards

  • Albany GA Daily Herald (1906)Y
  • Albany GA Patriot Albany (1845, 1846,1866)Y
  • Americas GA Weekly Sumter Republican (1870-1885)Y
  • Athens GA Athenian (1927-1932)Y
  • Athens GA Banner Herald (1923)Y
  • Athens GA Chronicle (1830-31, 1854-61)Y
  • Athens GA Constitutionalist Republic (1853-1854)Y
  • Athens GA Foreign Correspondent (1809-1810)Y
  • Athens GA Gazette (1814-1820)Y
  • Athens GA Georgia Weekly Constitutionalist (1848-1855)Y
  • Athens GA Georgian (1875, 1877)Y
  • Athens GA Mirror of The Times (1809, 1813-1814)Y
  • Athens GA Northeast Georgian (1872-73, 1875)Y
  • Athens GA Southern Banner (1832-33, 1872)Y
  • Athens GA Southern Literary Gazette (1848-1849)Y
  • Athens GA Southern Patriot (1806)Y
  • Athens GA Southern Watchman (1855-56, 1875-82)Y
  • Atlanta GA Atlanta Daily Herald (1873-1874)Y
  • Atlanta GA Atlanta Georgian And News (1907, 1911)Y
  • Atlanta GA Daily Examner (1857)Y
  • Atlanta GA Daily Herald (1873)Y
  • Atlanta GA Daily Intelligencer (1856,1860, 63,67,68)Y
  • Atlanta GA Daily New Era (1869)Y
  • Atlanta GA Georgian (1906-1907)Y
  • Atlanta GA Southern Confederacy (1861-1864)Y
  • Atlanta GA Wolverine Observer (1936, 1954-2001)Y
  • Augusta GA Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel (1837)Y
  • Augusta GA Augusta Evening Dispatch (1858-1861)Y
  • Augusta GA Chronicle (1806-1836)Y
  • Augusta GA Daily Constitutionalist (1847-1860)Y
  • Augusta GA Herald (1799-1800, 1821,1865-1866)Y
  • Augusta GA Southern Field And Fireside (1859-1864)Y
  • Augusta GA Southern Sentinel (1806-1807, 1809)Y
  • Augusta GA Triweekly Weekly Chronicle (1839-40, 1851,1872-3, 1875)Y
  • Augusta GA Weekly Chronicle (1838-42, 1847, 1851-52, 1867)Y
  • Augusta GA Weekly State Rights Sentinel (1836)Y
  • Bainbridge GA Democrat (1881-1882)Y
  • Bainbridge GA Weekly Democrat (1872-73, 1876)Y
  • Blakely GA County News (1863-64, 1924)Y
  • Butler GA Herald (1876-78, 1962)Y
  • Butler GA Taylor County News (1962-1963)Y
  • Cartersville GA Express (1860)Y
  • Cedartown GA Cedartown Record (1982-1983)Y
  • Columbus GA Columbus Inquirer (1828, 32, 1840-44, 1860-61)Y
  • Columbus GA Columbus times (1841)Y
  • Columbus GA Daily Sun (1856)Y
  • Columbus GA Muscogee Democrat (1847-48)Y
  • Columbus GA Times (1841-43, 66, 67,70, 71, 75)Y
  • Columbus GA Weekly Times (1859-1862)Y
  • Covington GA Southern Baptist Messenger (1860, 1862)Y
  • Cuthbert GA Appeal (1866,67, 1883,84)Y
  • Cuthbert GA Reporter (1856,57,1860)Y
  • Dublin GA Dublin Post (1878-79,1886-87)Y
  • Georgia Journal and Messenger (1823-24, 1846-47)Y
  • Griffin GA American Union (1851-1866)Y
  • Griffin GA American Whig (1848)Y
  • Griffin GA Georegin Jeffersonian (1853-1854)Y
  • Griffin GA IIndependent South (1858)Y
  • ​Hamilton GA Harris County Organ (1854-1856 )
  • Hamilton GA Harris County Weekly Visitor (1873-1979)
  • Hamilton GA Harris County Enterprise (1860-1864)
  • Hamilton GA Harris County Journal (1876-1972)
  • Lafayette GA Walker County Messenger (1880-1968)
  • Louisville GA Amereican Advocate (1916)
  • Louisville GA Gazette (1800-1807)
  • Macon GA Georgia Journal and Messenger (1847-48, 1861)
  • Macon GA Georgia Weekly Telegraph (1826-27,32,1869-70,1879-80)
  • Macon GA Telegraph Messenger (1847,1871-74,1879)
  • Milledgeville GA Federal Union (1830-31,58,61,66-66,72)
  • Milledgeville GA Georgia Argus (1810,12,15)
  • Milledgeville GA Georgia Journal (189-10,1845)
  • Milledgeville GA Standard Union (1838)
  • Millendgeville GA Confederate Union (1862-1865)
  • Monroe GA Bulletin (1958)
  • Newman GA Southern Literary Companion (1860-1864)
  • Newnan GA Banner (1856)
  • Newnan GA Independent Blade (1859-1860)
  • Penfield GA Christian Index (1855-1866)
  • Perry GA Houston Home Journal (1871-1874)
  • Rome GA Southerner (1850)
  • Sandersiville GA Central Georgian ()
  • Sandersiville GA Herald ()
  • Savannah GA American Patriot (1812)
  • Savannah GA Argus (1828-1829)
  • Savannah GA Colombian Museum (1796-97,1814-19)
  • Savannah GA Daily Republican (1829,31,39-40,55)
  • Savannah GA Evinging Mirror (1851)
  • Savannah GA Federal Republican Advocate (1807-1808)
  • Savannah GA Georgian For the Country (1822)
  • Savannah GA Journal (1793-94)
  • Savannah GA Mercury (1829)
  • Savannah GA Morning News (1829)
  • Savannah GA Republican (1808-09,1815-16,1853,1855)
  • Savannah GA Republican Intelligencer (1802-03,1805)
  • Savannah GA Republican Museum (1796,1821)
  • Savannah GA Savannah Republican (1858-59,1860,62,65)
  • Savannah GA Weekly Georgian (1839-1841)
  • Thomaston GA Upson Pilot (1858-59,1861-62)
  • Thomasville GA Thomasville Times (1873-74,1888-89)
  • Trenton GA Dade County Senitnel (1965-2006)
  • Trenton GA Dade County Times (1925-1976)
  • Trenton GA Dade State Of Dade News (1891-1938)
  • Vienna GA Vienna News (1902-03,1918)
  • Warrenton GA Georgia Clipper (1860)
  • Washington GA Independent Press (1840)
  • Washington GA Washington News (1822-24,1830-31)​

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Archives (1889- 1994)

Southern School News Archive 

Newspaper Abstracts – Georgia

For Obituary Indexes, transcriptions, and other death/obituary information from historic newspapers, please check out the Obituaries page. 

Other Free Sites:







Fort Benning





Subscription or Pay Sites:

There are currently 19 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Ancestry – Georgia Newspapers

Genealogy Bank:

There are currently 215 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Genealogy Bank – Georgia Newspapers

Newspaper Archive:

There are currently 444 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Newspaper Archive – Georgia

There are currently 54 publications available on this site. See all the titles at – Georgia

And Finally:

You also need to visit the Georgia Newspaper Project site from time to time, which can tell you what is occurring in the state with regard to online newspaper availability. 

Please note – even more may be available via a local or state library where a library card is required.  And of course, there is always microfilm for those that have not been made available online as yet.

For more links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspaper Links page on this website.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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George H. Hewitt was shot by his wife in Jan/Feb 1909 it was an accident. In Carroll county, Ga. I Need the newspaper article to see what happened.

Also, Old Fulton Postcards has the Walker County Messenger (LaFayette) through the early 1960s. I don’t know if he’s digitized anything else from the state.

Looking for a newspaper article that might explain why this case was brought: State v. John Bates- Assault & Battery, 1861 Whitfield County. Any help for Dalton newspapers during this time frame would be great. I’ve looked at the resources above except for the Newspaper Archive website which is the one newspaper site to which I don’t have a subscription. Thanks again.

I am interested in areas of Warrior district, worth, Berrien and Tift counties but do not know the names of paper for these.Thank you.

Hi there
Please email me, I have a ton of info on Worth County and I’ll send you the links to lots of newspapers I use. I have a Facebook group about Worth County also. My email is greggwgiddens@gmail. com

I would appreciate a good image of the “Southern Recorder” header from 1854-55. Could you please scan one and Email it to me.

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