Hawaii Online Historical Newspapers Summary

Hawaii is one of the states that does not have a single central online state repository for searching historical newspapers, but they use the Library of Congress Chronicling America site as their main site for searching old newspapers, and there are a couple of other large collections. There are some free online newspapers on other sites and collections available on subscription sites. Below is a list of where the titles are stored and the link so that you can access them.

There are about 500 newspapers that have been published in the Aloha state – certainly not all of them are searchable online. But there are several that are indeed available. So go for it – find your Hawaii ancestors and all the interesting articles that capture the stories of their lives. 

Please note that I have not always entered the dates that are included in the collections, as I suspect they will change as more items are digitized. Also, I suspect that some of these links may change over time – so if there is a dead link – please use your favorite search engine to find their new location. 

(Updated February 2024; recently added links are in BOLD)

Hawaii Historical Newspapers

Free Sites:

Statewide Collections:

Chronicling America – Hawaii Newspapers

Google News Archive

Hawaiian Language Newspapers 1834-1927

Ho’olaupi’i – Hawaiian Nupepa Collection 1834-1948

  • Ahailono a ka Lahui 
  • Hawaii Holomua 
  • Hawaii Holomua 
  • Home Rula Republalika 
  • Honolulu Times 
  • Ka Elele 
  • Ka Hae Hawaii 
  • Ka Hoku Loa 
  • Ka Hoku o Hawaii 
  • Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika 
  • Ka Holomua 
  • Ka Lahui Hawaii 
  • Ka Lama Hawaii 
  • Ka Lanakila 
  • Ka Lau Oliva 
  • Ka Lei Momi 
  • Ka Lei Rose o Hawaii 
  • Ka Leo o ka Lahui 
  • Ka Makaainana 
  • Ka Manawa 
  • Ka Naʻi Aupuni 
  • Ka Nonanona 
  • Ka Nupepa Elele 
  • Ka Nupepa Kuokoa 
  • Ka Nupepa Puka la Aloha Aina 
  • Ka Nupepa Puka la ko Hawaii Pae Aina 
  • Ka Oiaio 
  • Ke Alahou 
  • Ke Alakai O Hawaii 
  • Ke Alakai o Hawaii 
  • Ke Alakai o Hawaii 
  • Ke Alaula 
  • Ke Aloha Aina 
  • Ke Aloha Aina Oiaio 
  • Ke Au Hou 
  • Ke Au Okoa 
  • Ke Kiai 
  • Ke Kilohana o ka Malamalama 
  • Ke Koo o Hawaii 
  • Ke Kumu Hawaii 
  • Ko Hawaii Pae Aina 
  • Ko Hawaii Ponoi 
  • Kuokoa Home Rula 
  • Kuu Hae Hawaii 
  • Nuhou 
  • O ka Hae Katolika 
  • Puuhonua o na Hawaii 
  • The Liberal 

Papakilo Hawaiian Language Newspaper Collection (1834–1980)

University of Hawaii eVols Newspaper Collection

University of Hawaii Manoa Portuguese Newspaper Collection

  • O Luso Hawaiiano August 1885 to December 1890
  • Aurora Hawaiiana [Hawaiian Dawn]  August 1889 to March 1891
  • A Uniao Lusitana Hawaiiana. March 1892 to February 1896
  • A Sentinella [Sentinel] 1892 to 1896
  • O Luso  February 1896 to October 1897, October 1910 to Jan. 1920
  • A Setta [Arrow]  1903 to 1921
  • O Popular  July 1911 to January 1913
  • O Facho [The Torch]

University of Hawaii Manoa Filipino Newspaper Collection

Filipino Newspaper Digitization Project

  • Ang Banagbanag
  • Filamerican Tribune
  • Filipino Herald of Hawaii
  • Hawaii Filipino News (Biano)
  • Hawaii Filipino News (Cariaga) 
  • Hawaii Filipino News
  • Hawaii Press (Hawaii Filipino News) 
  • Hawaiian Reporter
  • Naimbag-a-Nakem
  • New Filamerican
  • New Philippines
  • P.I. Commonwealth Chronicle
  • Pacific Courier
  • Pacific Post News
  • Philippine Commonweath Chronicle
  • Philippine News Tribune
  • The Independent
  • Ti Managservi
  • Ti Mangiturong
  • Ti Progresibo
  • Ti Pudno (The Truth)
  • Ti Silaw (The Light)
  • Ti Timek Ti Vibora Luviminda (The Voice of Vibora Luviminda)

University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth Hawaiian Portuguese Newspapers

Student Collections:

Chaminade University – Honolulu

Hawaii Pacific University – Honolulu

Honolulu Community College – Honolulu

Kapi`olani Community College – Honolulu

Kauai Community College – Puhi

Leeward Community College – Pearl City

University of Hawaii – Hilo

University of Hawaii – Manoa 

University of Hawaii – West Oahu

Windward Community College – Kaneohe

Miscellaneous Collections and Indexes:

Independent Voices – Alternative Newspapers

  • Hawaii Resistance Notes
  • Liberated Barracks
  • O.D.D.
  • Sanctuary

Bob Krauss Research Index – an index of English-language newspapers from Hawaiʻi, 1840-1944

  • Daily Bulletin (344 index entries)
  • Hawaiian Star (2,682 index entries)
  • Honolulu Advertiser (990 index entries)
  • Honolulu Star-Bulletin (8,792 index entries)
  • Pacific Commercial Advertiser (29,388 index entries
  • Polynesian (11,621 index entries)
  • Evening Bulletin (8 index entries)
  • Friend (21 index entries)
  • Hawaiian Gazette (4 index entries)
  • Hilo Daily Tribune (18 index entries)
  • Maui News (105 index entries)

Hawaii War Records Depository Photographs

  • Honolulu Star Bulletin
  • Honolulu Advertiser

Japanese American Historical Newspapers Collection

Small Town Papers

Old Fulton Postcards

Newspaper Abstracts – Hawaii

For Obituary Indexes, transcriptions, and other death/obituary information from historical newspapers, please check out the Obituaries page.

Other Free Sites:


Kaneohe Bay

Pearl Harbor

Subscription or Pay Sites:


There are currently 18 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Ancestry – Hawaii Newspapers

Genealogy Bank:

There are currently 69 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Genealogy Bank – Hawaii Newspapers

Newspaper Archive:

There are currently 63 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Newspaper Archive – Hawaii


There are currently 24 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Newspapers.com – Hawaii 

And Finally:

You also need to visit the Newspapers in Hawaii site, which can tell you what is occurring in the state with regard to newspaper projects. Another searchable database for published newspapers (not necessarily online) is The Hawaiian Historical Society – Helen Chapin’s Guide to Newspapers of Hawaii, 1834-2000.

Please note – even more may be available via a local library where a library card is required. And of course, there is always microfilm for those that have not been made available online as yet.

For more links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspaper Links page on this website.

For all Free Hawaii Collection Links in 24 Genealogy Categories, go to the By Location Page, click on Hawaii, and then click on the category of interest.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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Thank you so much for gathering these websites together. I’ve been wanting to research my Hawaiian ancestry, and this has made it so much easier. Mahalo nui loa.

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