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​For those of you who have some German in your family tree, there are several German-American newspapers that have been published over the last hundred or so years that may help you find some information and stories about your ancestors.

Listed are only those that are available online. As always, there are tons more available via microfilm and in original form via libraries and archives.

Please note that some are free and some require a subscription or a login from a university (or local) library. Some are indexed, and some are not. In the Free Collections you may see some duplicates – this is because the newspaper is provided in multiple online sites, so you may wish to search or browse each of the duplicates.

(Updated December, 2020; recently added links are in BOLD)

Free Collections:

Note: in some cases the city is provided and in others it isn’t – the same is true of the date range of the title in the online collection.  Also many states are not represented – this may be because: 1) there are no German newspapers in that state; 2) they have not been digitized; or 3) this author has not found the link.















New Jersey

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota




Rhode Island

South Dakota





Library Access Only:

Readex/NewsBank Titles

From their Ethnic American Newspapers from the Balch Collection, 1799-1971, there are quite a few German American newspapers available. Check with your nearby library to see if they have a subscription for this collection.  Clicking on the link will provide you with a list of titles.  Please understand that all of these titles listed are not German.  There are French, Irish and other ethnic groups contained in this collection.
Subscription Sites:

Genealogy Bank has available the following image, which lists which German language newspapers are available at their site:


Courtesy ofGenealogy Bank

A terrific resource for German language newspapers throughout the world (including the U.S.) is German-Language Newspaper Access in North America.  It has a database, sorted by city, that identifies German language titles and whether they are available in paper, microfilm or online.

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    1. Janeen, that’s because I didn’t know it was a German language paper. Now I do, so I can add it on my next update. Thanks.

      1. Janeen,
        Like I said in my previous comment, it will be in the next update. My process is that any new titles that I become aware of after I have posted the latest list, are captured and will be included in the Next Update, which is likely in about 6 months or so for the Ethnic newspapers.

  1. Deutsche Beitung fur Texas should be Deutsche Zeitung für Texas. It’s hard to read that old Fraktur type but that’s a Z.

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