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Historical Indigenous and Native American Newspapers Online – The Ancestor Hunt

Historical Indigenous and Native American Newspapers Online

For those of you who have some Indigenous or Native American “blood” in your family tree, there are many Indigenous American newspapers that have been published over the last two hundred or so years that may help you find some information and stories about your ancestors.

Listed are only those that are available online. As always, there are tons more available via microfilm and in the original form via libraries and archives.

Please note that some are free and some require a subscription or a login from a university (or local) library. Some are indexed, and some are not. In the Free Collections, you may see some duplicates – this is because the newspaper is provided on multiple online sites, so you may wish to search or browse each of the duplicates.

(Updated February 2023; recently added links are in BOLD)







Ho’olaupi’i – Hawaiian Nupepa Collection 1834-1948

  • Ahailono a ka Lahui 
  • Hawaii Holomua 
  • Hawaii Holomua 
  • Home Rula Republalika 
  • Honolulu Times 
  • Ka Elele 
  • Ka Hae Hawaii 
  • Ka Hoku Loa 
  • Ka Hoku o Hawaii 
  • Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika 
  • Ka Holomua 
  • Ka Lahui Hawaii 
  • Ka Lama Hawaii 
  • Ka Lanakila 
  • Ka Lau Oliva 
  • Ka Lei Momi 
  • Ka Lei Rose o Hawaii 
  • Ka Leo o ka Lahui 
  • Ka Makaainana 
  • Ka Manawa 
  • Ka Naʻi Aupuni 
  • Ka Nonanona 
  • Ka Nupepa Elele 
  • Ka Nupepa Kuokoa 
  • Ka Nupepa Puka la Aloha Aina 
  • Ka Nupepa Puka la ko Hawaii Pae Aina 
  • Ka Oiaio 
  • Ke Alahou 
  • Ke Alakai O Hawaii 
  • Ke Alakai o Hawaii 
  • Ke Alakai o Hawaii 
  • Ke Alaula 
  • Ke Aloha Aina Oiaio 
  • Ke Aloha Aina 
  • Ke Au Hou 
  • Ke Au Okoa 
  • Ke Kiai 
  • Ke Kilohana o ka Malamalama 
  • Ke Koo o Hawaii 
  • Ke Kumu Hawaii 
  • Ko Hawaii Pae Aina 
  • Ko Hawaii Ponoi 
  • Kuokoa Home Rula 
  • Kuu Hae Hawaii 
  • Nuhou 
  • O ka Hae Katolika 
  • Puuhonua o na Hawaii 
  • The Liberal 

Papakilo Hawaiian Language Newspaper Collection

Hawaiian Language Newspapers 1834-1927







New Mexico

New York

North Dakota 

North Carolina



South Dakota




Native American Obituaries

  • The Daily Times (Farmington, New Mexico)
  • The Winslow Mail (Winslow, Arizona)
  • Montezuma Valley Sun (Montezuma, Colorado)
  • Cortez Journal (Cortez, Colorado)
  • Navajo Times (Window Rock, Navajo Nation, Arizona)
  • Lake Powell Chronicle (Page, Arizona)

​If you know of any more links to Indigenous American newspapers, please let me know in the comments.  For thousands of other online historic newspapers from all over the U.S., the world, and of all types, please visit the  Newspaper Links page.

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