Massachusetts Online Historical Newspapers Summary

Massachusetts is one of the states who do not have a central online repository for searching historical newspapers. Several states use the Library of Congress Chronicling America site as their main central online site for searching old newspapers. And a few have a central portal for many of the newspapers that have been digitized. The online newspaper titles are available from several different sites, many free and many require a subscription. Below is a list of where the titles are stored and the link so that you can access them. 

There are around 4,500 newspapers that have been published in the Bay State – certainly not all of them are searchable online. But there are quite a few that are indeed available. So go for it – find your Massachusetts ancestors and all the interesting articles that capture the stories of their lives. 

Please note that I have not always entered the dates that are included in the collections, as I suspect they will change as more items are digitized. Also, I suspect that some of these links may change over time – so if there is a dead link – please use your favorite search engine to find their new location. 

(Updated January 2024; recently added links are in BOLD)

Massachusetts Historical Newspapers

Free Sites:

Statewide Collections:

Chronicling America – Massachusetts

Google News Archive

County and Library Collections:

Barnstable County

Brooks Free Library Historical Newspapers

  • Harwich Independent
  • Harwich Oracle
  • Central Cape Press
  • Orleans Record
  • Cape Cod Republican

Falmouth Public Library

  • The Falmouth Enterprise
  • Cape Cod Independent

Provincetown Public Library

  • New Beacon
  • Provincetown Advocate
  • Provincetown Banner
  • Provincetown Beacon
  • Provincetown News

Sandwich Town Archives

  • Academy Breezes
  • Cape Cod Advocate and Nautical Intelligencer
  • Cape Cod Gazette
  • Cape Cod News
  • Casino Bulletin
  • Sandwich Broadsider
  • Sandwich Independent
  • Sandwich Observer
  • The Barnstable Press
  • The Bourne Independent
  • The Cotuit Citizen
  • The Falmouth Journal
  • The Hyannis Tribune
  • The Independent
  • The Osterville Times
  • The Sagamore Herald
  • The Sandwich Enterprise
  • The Sandwich Independent
  • The Sandwich Observer
  • The Sandwich Review
  • The Seaside Press
  • The Village Broadsider
  • The Wareham Courier
  • The Weekly Review

Yarmouth Library

  • Barnstable Patriot
  • The Patriot
  • Yarmouth Register
  • Dennis-Yarmouth Register
  • Hyannis Patriot
  • Sandwich Observer
  • The Register

Berkshire County

Adams Free Library

  • Adams News And Transcript
  • Hoosac Valley News And Transcript
  • The Adams Freeman
  • The Adams Transcript
  • The North Adams Transcript
  • The Weekly Transcript And Berkshire County Intelligencer
  • Weekly Transcript

Lee Public Library

  • Berkshire Gleaner
  • Valley Gleaner

Bristol County

Attleboro Public Library

  • The Attleboro Sun
  • The Sun Chronicle

Mansfield Public Library

  • Mansfield News
  • Foxboro Times
  • The Mansfield News and The Foxboro Times
  • The Evening Chronicle

Mansfield Public Library

  • Mansfield News
  • Journal-News Independent

Fall River Public Library

  • Fall River Globe
  • The Herald News
  • Fall River Herald
  • Fall River Herald and Evening News
  • Fall River Herald News
  • The Evening Herald

Essex County
Amesbury Public Library

  • Amesbury Advocate
  • Amesbury and Salisbury Villager
  • Amesbury Daily
  • Amesbury Daily News
  • Amesbury Hospital Courier
  • Amesbury News
  • Amesbury Times
  • Daily News
  • Essex Transcript
  • Leader
  • Merrimac Valley Times
  • Merrimac Valley Echo
  • Morning Courier
  • River Side Press
  • Transcript
  • Village Transcript
  • Villager
  • Weekly News

Beverly Public Library

  • Beverly Citizen
  • Beverly Evening Times
  • Saturday Morning Citizen

Boxford Town Library

  • Pennysaver
  • Tri Town Transcript
  • Tri Town Transcript and Pennysaver
  • US News and World Report

Flint Public Library

  • Tri Town Transcript
  • US News and World Report
  • Tri Town Transcript and Pennysaver
  • Pennysaver

Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library

  • Gloucester Daily Times And Cape Ann Advertiser
  • Gloucester Daily Times

Ipswich Public Library

  • Columbian Centinel
  • Ipswich Bulletin
  • Ipswich Independent
  • Ipswich Observer
  • Ipswich Register
  • Ipswich Today
  • National Gazette And Literary Register
  • The Ipswich Chronicle
  • Today’s Magazine

Lynn Public Library

  • Daily Evening Item

Manchester By The Sea

  • Beetle and Wedge
  • Cape Ann Advertiser
  • Manchester Cricket
  • Manchester Cricket and Essex Echo

Manchester Cricket

  • Beetle and Wedge
  • Cape Ann Advertiser
  • Manchester Cricket
  • Manchester Cricket and Essex Echo
  • The Manchester Cricket

Nevins Memorial Library

  • The Methuen Transcript
  • Methuen Transcript And Essex Farmer

Abbott Public Library

  • Marblehead Messenger
  • Marblehead Reporter
  • Reporter

Newburyport Public Library

  • American Signal
  • Boston Courier
  • Boston Daily Bee
  • Boston Gazette
  • Comet
  • Daily American Signal
  • Daily Bee
  • Daily Herald
  • Essex Journal
  • Essex Journal And Merrimack Packet
  • Essex Journal And New Hampshire Packet
  • Essex Journal And The Massachusetts And New Hampshire
  • Essex Journal Or New Hampshire Packet
  • Essex Journal Or The New Hampshire Packet
  • Herald
  • Herald Of The United States
  • Herald Office
  • Herald Office
  • Impartial Herald
  • Independent Chronicle And Boston
  • Independent Whig
  • Massachusetts Spy Or Worcester Gazette
  • Morning Star
  • New York Morning Post
  • Newburyport Daily Herald
  • Newburyport Daily News
  • Newburyport Daily News and Newburyport Herald
  • Newburyport Herald
  • Newburyport Herald And Commercial Gazette
  • Newburyport Herald And Country Gazette
  • Newburyport Herald Commercial And Country Gazette
  • Pennsylvania Packet And Daily Advertiser
  • Political Gazette
  • Salem Gazette
  • Statesman
  • Sun
  • Thomas Massachusetts Spy Or Worcester Gazett

Newburyport Public Library

  • The Daily News

Peabody Institute Library of Danvers

  • Danvers Mirror
  • Danvers Herald

Franklin County
Montague Public Library Digital Archives

  • The Turners Falls Reporter
  • Turners Falls Reporter
  • Turners Falls Herald 

Wheeler Memorial Library

  • Orange Journal
  • Orange Enterprise
  • Enterprise and Journal
  • Millers Falls News
  • Orange Enterprise and Journal

Hampden County
Westfield Athenaeum Library

  • Hampden County Leader
  • The Valley Echo
  • The Westfield Journal
  • Times and News-Letter
  • Western Hampden Leader
  • Western Hampden Times
  • Western Hampden Times and Westfield News-Letter
  • Westfield Daily Journal
  • Westfield Daily Times
  • Westfield Evening Echo
  • Westfield Evening Journal
  • Westfield News Letter
  • Westfield Times

Wilbraham Public Library

  • Wilbraham Hampden Times
  • Times

Middlesex County
Acton Memorial Library

  • Acton Beacon
  • Acton Bedford Enterprise
  • Acton Enterprise
  • Acton Liberty Bell
  • Assabet Valley Beacon
  • Concord Enterprise
  • Concord Maynard Enterprise
  • The Acton Beacon
  • The Beacon

Ayer Library

  • Groton Public Spirit
  • Public Spirit
  • The Public Spirit
  • The Weekly Public Spirit
  • Turners Public Spirit
  • Nashoba Valley Voice
  • Times Free Press
  • Times Free Press Public Spirit

Bedford Public Library

  • Bedford Minute-Man
  • Bedford Minute-Man and Bedford Times
  • Bedford Bulletin
  • Bedford Enterprise
  • Bedford Minuteman
  • The Telephone

Cary Memorial Library

  • Lexington Independent
  • Lexington Minute-Men
  • Lexington Townsman
  • Lexington Townsman And Lexington Times-Minute-Man
  • The Lexington Patriot
  • The Lexington Times
  • The Lexington Times And Lexington Minute-Men

Flint Memorial Library

  • North Reading Transcript

Goodnow Library

  • Citizen
  • Fence Viewer
  • Lincoln Citizen
  • Sudbury Citizen
  • Sudbury Enterprise
  • Sudbury Tab
  • Sudbury Town Crier
  • Sudbury Town Crier and Fence Viewer
  • Sudbury Town Crier and Tab
  • Wayland Citizen

Hudson Public Library

  • Hudson Daily Sun
  • Hudson News Enterprise
  • News Enterprise
  • Hudson News-Enterprise
  • Marlboro Daily Enterprise
  • Enterprise Sun
  • Feltonville Standard
  • Marlboro Enterprise
  • Marlboro Mirror-Journal
  • The Hudson Daily Sun
  • The Hudson Enterprise
  • The Hudson News
  • The Hudson News-Enterprise
  • The Hudson Pioneer
  • The Hudson Register
  • The Marlboro Mirror
  • The Maynard Journal
  • The Minuteman Chronicle
  • The Pioneer
  • The Southboro Press
  • The Stow Sentinel

J.V. Fletcher Library

  • Eagle
  • Westford Eagle
  • Rustic
  • Liberty Bell
  • Beacon

Lincoln Public Library

  • Fence Viewer

Lucius Beebe Memorial Library

  • Wakefield Daily Item

Maynard Public Library

  • The Maynard News
  • Maynard Enterprise
  • The Assabet Valley Beacon

Melrose Public Library

  • Melrose Free Press
  • Melrose Journal
  • Melrose Record
  • Melrose Weekly Visitor
  • The Melrose Free Press
  • The Melrose Reporter
  • The Melrose Visitor

Morse Institute Library

  • Natick Bulletin
  • Natick Bulletin and Tab
  • Natick Suburban Press
  • Natick Suburban Press and Recorder
  • NewsWest
  • Suburban Free Press and The County Recorder
  • Suburban Press and Recorder
  • The Bulletin Board
  • The Natick Bulletin
  • The Natick Bulletin and Natick Sun
  • The Natick Citizen
  • The Natick Herald
  • The Natick Observer
  • The Natick Sun
  • The Natick Times

Parlin Memorial Library

  • Everett Evening News-Gazette
  • Everett Leader-Herald
  • Everett Leader-Herald And News Gazette
  • The Everett Leader-Herald

Reading Public Library

  • Daily Times Chronicle
  • Reading Chronicle
  • Reading Weekly News And Chronicle
  • The Daily Times And Chronicle
  • The Daily Times Chronicle
  • The Reading Chronicle
  • Middlesex Journal

Robbins Library

  • Arlington Advocate
  • Arlington Daily News
  • Arlington Enterprise
  • Arlingtonian Herald
  • Index to Arlington Advocate
  • Index to Arlington Enterprise
  • Index to Arlington News
  • Middlesex Townsman
  • The Arlington News
  • The Arlington News The Arlington Press
  • The Arlington Press
  • The Arlingtonian

Stoneham Public Library

  • Stoneham Independent
  • Independent
  • Holiday Independent
  • Stoneham Daily Independent
  • Stoneham Press
  • Stoneham Ledger
  • The Stoneham Independent

Tewksbury Public Library

  • Merrimack Valley Advertiser
  • Scroll
  • Tewksbury Advertiser
  • Tewksbury Advocate
  • Tewksbury Town Crier
  • Times Advertiser

Norfolk County
Brookline Public Library

  • The Chronicle
  • Brookline Chronicle
  • Brookline Independent
  • Brookline News
  • Brookline Transcript
  • Brookline Tribune
  • The Brookline Journal News
  • The Brookline News
  • The Brookline Press
  • The Brookline Townsman
  • The Suburban
  • Brookline Chronicle Citizen
  • Brookline Citizen
  • Brookline Citizen and Brookline Press
  • Brookline Press
  • Brookline Citizen Journal
  • Brookline Spy
  • The Brookline Bulletin
  • The Brookline Journal
  • The Brookline Standard
  • The Brookline Tab

Foxborough Historical Commission

  • Foxboro Reporter
  • Norfolk County Chronicle
  • The Eagle and Flag
  • The Foxboro Courier
  • The Foxboro Gazette
  • The Foxboro Times
  • The Home Library
  • The Salmagundi Journal
  • The Foxboro Reporter

Franklin Public Library

  • Franklin Sentinel
  • Franklin Register

Morrill Memorial Library (in library)

  • Advertiser and Review 1887 – 1894
  • Norwood Advertiser 1894 – 1905
  • Norwood Free Press 1937 – 1950
  • Norfolk County Free Press 1950 – 1962
  • Norfolk County Press 1962 – 1965

Holbrook Public Library

  • Holbrook Sun
  • Holbrook Times
  • The Holbrook Sun

Sharon Public Library

  • Sharon Advocate
  • Sharon Enterprise
  • Sharon Item
  • Sharon Ozone
  • Sharon Sentinel
  • Sharon Transcript
  • The Sharon Advocate
  • Times Advocate

Stoughton Public Library

  • Stoughton Chronicle
  • Stoughton News
  • The Easton Journal
  • The Stoughton News Sentinel
  • The Stoughton Sentinel
  • Canton Journal
  • Stoughton Chronicle And News Sentinel
  • Stoughton Journal
  • Stoughton Record

Turner Free Library Digital Archive

  • Randolph Herald
  • Randolph Mariner

Wellesley Free Library

  • The Townsman

Plymouth County

Hingham Public Library

  • Hingham Gazette
  • Hingham Journal
  • Hingham Journal And South Shore Advertiser
  • Hingham Patriot
  • Spunkville Chronicle

Hull Public Library

  • The Hull Beacon
  • Hull News Mirror

Middleborough Public Library

  • Middleboro News
  • Middleborough Gazette
  • Namasket Gazette
  • The Middleboro Gazette
  • The Middleborough Gazette and Old Colony Advertiser

Scituate Town Library

  • Cohasset Cottager
  • Marshfield Mail
  • Mirror
  • Scituate Herald
  • Scituate Mariner
  • Scituate Mirror
  • Scituate Mirror Summer
  • South of Boston
  • South of Boston Mirror
  • South Shore Mirror
  • South Shore News
  • South Shore Weekly Mirror

Suffolk County
Bunker Hill Community College

  • The Third Rail
  • The Monument

Revere Public Library

  • Revere Journal

Worcester County
Beals Memorial Library

  • Winchendon Courier
  • The Winchendon Courier
  • The Winchendon Journal

Gladys Kelly Library

  • The Times
  • The Webster Times
  • The Webster Weekly Times
  • Webster Daily Times
  • Webster Evening Times
  • Webster Times

Haston Free Library

  • North Brookfield Journal
  • The Journal

Leominster Public Library

  • Leominster Daily Enterprise
  • Leominster Enterprise
  • Enterprise
  • The Pioneer
  • The Daily Sentinel and Leominster Enterprise

Optical Heritage Museum

  • American Optical News

Thayer Memorial Library

  • The Item

Andovr Memorial Hall Library Historical Newspaper Collection (1853–1925)

  • Andover Advertiser
  • Andover Townsman
  • Lawrence American

Belmont Public Library Historical Newspapers

  • Belmont Bulletin Mar. 8, 1890 – Feb. 26, 1898
  • Belmont Tribune Nov.14, 1902 – Apr. 14, 1916
  • Belmont Courier Jan. 2, 1889 – Dec. 1, 1917
  • Belmont Patriot Jan. 5, 1918 – Dec. 28, 1918
  • Belmont Citizen Mar. 29, 1919 – Mar. 31, 1988
  • Belmont Herald Jan. 5, 1945 – April 1, 1988
  • Belmont Citizen Herald April 7, 1988 – 2015

Brookline Public Library Newspapers – (index only)

  • Brookline Chronicle
  • Brookline Chronicle-Citizen
  • Brookline Citizen (1980s-1990s)
  • Brookline Citizen (1930s-1950s)
  • Brookline Citizen Journal
  • Brookline Independent
  • Brookline Journal
  • Brookline Journal-News
  • Brookline News (1880s)
  • Brookline News (1930s)
  • Brookline Press
  • Brookline Spy
  • Brookline Standard
  • Brookline Suburban
  • Brookline TAB
  • Brookline Townsman
  • Brookline Transcript
  • Brookline Tribune
  • Boston Globe
  • Boston Herald-Traveler
  • Boston Herald
  • Brookline Magazine
  • Our Town Brookline

Cambridge Public Library – Historic Cambridge Newspaper Collection

Cohassett Library

Concord Free Public Library – Cambridge Newspapers Up To the Civil War

Eldredge Public Library Chatham and Cape Cod Collection

  • Chatham Monitor
  • The Chatham Shopper News
  • The Chatham News 
  • Lower Cape Cod Chronicle
  • Cape Cod Chronicle

Nantucket Atheneum’s Digital Historic Newspaper Archive

  • Nantucket Gazette: 1816-17
  • Nantucket Commerce Gazette: 1816-17
  • Nantucket Weekly Magazine: 1817-18
  • Nantucket Journal: 1826-28
  • The Islander: 1840-43
  • Weekly Telegraph: 1843
  • The Telegraph: 1843
  • Daily Telegraph: 1843-44
  • Morning Telegraph: 1844-45
  • The Warder: 1846
  • The Daily Warder: 1846
  • Island Review: 1874-78
  • Island Review: 1874-78
  • Nantucket Journal: 1878-99
  • The Daily Nantucket: 1889-99
  • Nantucket Light: 1964-65
  • Nantucket Inquirer: July 5, 1821 to Dec.29, 1847
  • Nantucket Weekly Mirror: June 14, 1845 to March 1865
  • Inquirer: Jan. 5, 1848 to June 29, 1855
  • Nantucket Inquirer: July 6, 1855 to March 22, 1865
  • The Inquirer and Mirror: April 1, 1865 to 2013

Student Collections:

Amherst College – Amherst

Assumption College – Worcester

Assumption High School – Worcester

Babson College – Wellesley

Bay Path University – Longmeadow

Bentley University – Waltham

Boston Latin School – Boston

Boston College – Boston

Boston College Law School – Boston

Boston University – Boston

Brandeis University – Waltham

Bridgewater State Normal School – Bridgewater

Bridgewater State University – Bridgewater

Cape Cod Community College

Center School – Longmeadow

College of the Holy Cross – Worcester

Concord-Carlisle High School – Concord

Eastern Nazarene College – Quincy

Emerson College – Boston

Emmanuel College – Boston

Fitchburg State University – Fitchburg

Framingham State University – Framingham

Gordon College – Wenham

Greenfield Community College – Greenfield

Harvard University – Cambridge

Lasell University – Newton

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School – Sudbury

Lowell Textile/Technological Institute – Lowell

Malden High School – Malden

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge

Massachusetts College of Optometry – Boston

Massachusetts School of Optometry – Boston

Mount Holyoke College – South Hadley

Newton North High School – Newton

Northeastern University – Boston

Perkins School for the Blind – Watertown

Phillips Academy – Andover

Radcliffe College – Cambridge

Roxbury Community College – Boston

Smith College – Northampton

Springfield College – Springfield

Tufts University – Medford

University of Massachusetts – Amherst

University of Massachusetts – Lowell

Wayland High School – Wayland

Wellesley College  – Wellesley

Wellesley High School – Wellesley

Westfield State University – Westfield

Williams College – Williamstown

Worcester Polythechnic Institute – Worcester

Miscellaneous Collections and Indexes:

Annotated Newspapers of Harbottle Dorr, Jr. 

Woburn Public Library Newspaper Indexes

  • Grattan Echo Index, 1881-1882
  • Guide-Post Index, 1847-1848
  • Union Weekly Index, 1884
  • Weekly Advertiser Index, 1846
  • Woburn Citizen 1935-1936 Newspaper Index
  • Woburn City Press Index, 1889-1891
  • Woburn Daily City Press Index, 1891-1892
  • Woburn Gazette Index, 1844-1846
  • Woburn Telegram Index, 1914
  • Woburn Townsman Index, 1864
  • Woburn Weekly Budget Index, 1857-1863
  • Woburn/Middlesex Journal Index, 1851-1913, A-D
  • Woburn Advertiser Index, 1871-1888
  • Woburn Daily Times Index, 1904-1980 non-consecutive, 1995-2014

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Newspapers 1933-1942

Independent Voices – Alternative Newspapers

  • Alcheringa
  • Amazon Quarterly
  • Audience
  • BDRG Newsletter
  • Black Belt Woman
  • Bring the Troops Home Now Newsletter
  • Catharsis
  • Fire Exit
  • Free Fire Zone
  • Lavender Vision
  • Liberation News Service
  • Modern Occasions
  • Morning Report
  • New England Military News
  • No More Fun and Games
  • Old Mole
  • Origin
  • Osawatomie
  • Osiris
  • Raw Truth, The
  • Reservists Against War
  • Resist
  • Second Wave: A Magazine for the New Feminism
  • Shell
  • Sojourner
  • Top Secret
  • United Artists

Franklin County News Archive Index

Greater Lowell Newspaper Archive

  • Lowell Courier
  • Lowell Daily Courier
  • Lowell Daily Journal and Courier
  • Lowell Morning Courier
  • Lowell Sun
  • Lowell Patriot
  • Lowell Free Press

Small Town Papers

Old Fulton Postcards

Portuguese American Digital Newspaper Collections

  • Diario de Noticias 
  • O Colonial 
  • O Heraldo Portuguez

Digital Commonwealth Newspaper Clippings 

James Michael Curley Notebook Collection – clippings

Middlesex County Massachusetts Newspaper Abstracts 1822-1971

Newspaper Abstracts – Massachusetts

For Obituary Indexes, transcriptions, and other death/obituary information from historical newspapers, please check out the Obituaries page. 

Other Free Sites:









Chestnut Hill




East Cambridge




Franklin County







New Bedford






South Hadley











Subscription or Pay Sites:

There are currently 35 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Ancestry – Massachusetts Newspapers

Genealogy Bank:

There are currently 718 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Genealogy Bank – Massachusetts Newspapers

Newspaper Archive:

There are currently 91 publications available on this site. See all the titles at Newspaper Archive – Massachusetts

There are currently 43 publications available on this site. See all the titles at – Massachusetts 

And Finally:

You also need to check out the Boston Public Library site, which can tell you what is happening in the state with regard to the newspapers that have been digitized and are becoming available via microfilm or online. Also, they have a catalog of all newspapers in microfilm or original form that can be accessed.

Please note – even more may be available via a local library where a library card is required. And of course, there is always microfilm for those that have not been made available online as yet.

For more links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspaper Links page on this website.

For all Free Massachusetts Collection Links in 24 Genealogy Categories, go to the By Location Page, click on Massachusetts, and then click on the category of interest.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

15 replies on “Massachusetts Online Historical Newspapers Summary”

Read your blog regularly and use the links you provide to look for stories about SHACKFORDs. Today I found a new link by accident that you may want to add to your list.
The Chicopee Public Library Archives
has digital searchable copies of the Chicopee Weekly Journal. Learned that Samuel A Shackford was elected town moderator in 1864!

Your link to the Googlenews, Boston Globe archives, doesn’t work.
New Bedford Public Library would help me with articles from the NB Journal except that their microfilm copies for the dates I am seeking are no good. I was referred to the BPL who told me that the
Boston Public Library is NOT for people who do not live there. They have a lot of resources that are not on the internet but you have to be able to travel to BPL and look them up yourself.

Mrs. L
While it is true that the BPL does not offer all it’s databases online for home use, any person who lives in Massachusetts can get a librarycard and use the databases they do offer. You do have to go in person one time to get it.
It is not clear from your message if you live in Massachusetts, but I thought I would mention it.
If you have the exact date of an obituary, you may be able to obtain it from them through “ask a librarian”

You can apply for a Boston Public Library card, a regular or the e-card version as long as your a Massachusetts resident. Even if you didn’t want to get a card; and Im not sure why you wouldn’t;t, you can get a researchers pass for the day. Its an amazing library, anyone that is lucky enough to live close to it is very lucky.
I also got a few New Bedford papers from the BPL that I couldn’t get at the New Bedford Public Library.It is sad that their newspaper collection isn’t being digitized. The clock is ticking and a lot of it is going to be lost.

This is an excellent site, I maybe able to get more info on the Chace/Chase Families. Thank you

What an incredibly helpful list, and so far I’ve only explored Mass. and Rhode Island. FYI, your Lawrence MA American links are the same, but the second URL should read “American” toward the end, where the first one has a typo (Fulton’s typo).

Hi, Kenneth. I have a newspaper clipping of an article about a family member and have been trying to locate the source online. From the event described, I know the date will be spring 1961, probably April. Based on the telephone exchange in ads on the back of the clipping and the residence of the person at the time, I suspect the clipping appeared in the Billerica Minuteman (MA). I’ve searched all the free and major newspaper subscription sites I can think of, including the Boston and Billerica Public Libraries and NEHGS, with no luck. I have a friend in the area who can do some local exploring, and I can contact the newspaper to find out where I might find the papers from that period, but I’m wondering if you have looked into this newspaper and have any suggestions. One thing I haven’t tried is a Google Images search. Thanks!

Thanks Rob, but I don’t know which one is the bad one. Could you please point out the broken link?

Thank you so much for this site and continuing to update it. Because Massachusetts newspapers are not (yet?? why not??) part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America site, I was looking elsewhere. That the best compendium is a private effort is a great credit to you.

I am a reference librarian at the Boston Public Library, and I discovered this excellent website. As Rob Gumlaw notes, the link on this website to the Boston Public Library is dead (website redesign along with a reorganization of services.) You may want to use for the link to the BPL, as it will give people access to what we have on microfilm and other media.

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