National Archives Genealogy and Archival Databases

Personally, I had never used the U.S. National Archives databases until a few years ago, when I started using the Numident Files, which are fantastic resources. I have discovered a wealth of documents, indexes, and a search capability that you can get lost in!

A great place to start is to review the Genealogy Research Topics that you are interested in. There will be indexes and databases specified that you can search or browse. Here is the list with the links:

(Updated November 2023)

I would also recommend that you read the National Archives Catalog Guide for Genealogists and Family Historians

You will find many databases above in the list of Resource Topics. There is an important page that you should then peruse.  It is Access to Archival Databases There are several links that help you to find online databases and indexes. I will repeat the links here:

Genealogy/ Personal History

Indexes to:

Private Sector


Wars/ International Relations

Government Spending

Time Spans

Browse by Subjects >>

Finally, the Numerical Identification Files (NUMIDENT) files from the Social Security Administration have three types of files: 25 million life or death claims; about 50 million death files; and 72 million SS-5 Application files. All span 1936-2007.

Don’t miss these resources. They are abundant and I’m sure that they will grow in the coming years.

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