Nova Scotia Online Historical Newspapers Summary

Nova Scotia is one of the Canadian provinces that does not have a single central online repository for searching historical newspapers. However, there are several good-sized collections of historical newspapers. Also, there are quite a few free publications available on other sites and there are collections available on subscription sites. Below is a list of where the titles are stored and the link so that you can access them. 

So go for it – find your Nova Scotia ancestors and all the interesting articles that capture the stories of their lives. 

Please note that I have not always entered the dates that are included in the collections, as I suspect they will change as more items are digitized. Also, I suspect that some of these links may change over time – so if there is a dead link – please use your favorite search engine to find their new location. 

(Updated October 2023; recently added links are in BOLD)

Free Sites:

Provincewide Collections:

Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers – Beaton Institute

Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers

Google News Archive

St. Francis Xavier Digital Collections

Student Collections:

Acadia University – Wolfville

Cape Breton University – Sydney

Dalhousie University – Halifax

Mount Saint Vincent University – Halifax

St. Francis Xavier University – Antagonish

Saint Mary’s University – Halifax

University of King’s College – Halifax

Miscellaneous Collections and Indexes:

Canadiana Online

For Obituary Indexes, transcriptions, and other death/obituary information from historical newspapers, please check out the Obituaries page.

Other Free Sites:


Subscription or Pay Sites:

There is currently 1 publication available on this site. See all the titles at Ancestry – Nova Scotia Newspapers

Paper of Record:

There are currently 4 publications available on this site. See the titles at Paper of Record – Nova Scotia

And Finally:

You might want to check out the Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers site from time to time to see what is available online or otherwise.

Please note – even more may be available via a local or provincial library where a library card is required.  And of course, there is always microfilm for those that have not been made available online as yet.

For more links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspaper Links page on this website.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

For all Free Nova Scotia Links, click on the category of interest:

BMD Records

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It’s too bad greed has prevented those who have the political power to get complete historical archives going despite us being in the 21st century!

I had no problem searching Google News Archives for dates. I got hits back to the 1860s. What I get are lots of hits like 285, but can only access usually less than 100 of them. I have to put in another keyword to get more and then its only a few.

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