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Ohio is one of the states that does have a single central online state repository for searching historical newspapers. Several states use the Library of Congress Chronicling America site as their main central online site for searching old newspapers, and many of Ohio’s free newspapers are available on the Library of Congress site. There are many free online newspapers available on other sites and their are collections available on subscription sites. Below is a list of where the titles are stored and the link so that you can access them. 

There are over 7,500 newspapers that have been published in the Buckeye State – certainly not all of them are searchable online. But there are quite a few that are indeed available. So go for it – find your Ohio ancestors and all the interesting articles that capture the stories of their lives. 

Please note that I have not always entered the dates that are included in the collections, as I suspect they will change as more items are digitized. Also, I suspect that some of these links may change over time – so if there is a dead link – please use your favorite search engine to find their new location. 

(Updated April 2022; recently added links are in BOLD)

Free Sites:

Statewide Collections:

Chronicling America – Ohio

Ohio Memory

Google News Archive

County and Library Collections:

Belmont County


  • Bellaire Daily Leader
  • Bellaire Independent
  • Belmont Chronicle
  • Daily Independent
  • The Bellaire Democrat
  • The Bellaire Herald
  • The Daily Times
  • The Evening Times
  • The Ripley Bee
  • The Times Leader
  • The Daily Times And The Daily Leader

Brown County
Union Township Public Library

  • Bee 
  • Brown County News 
  • Brown County Press 
  • Castigator 
  • Democratic Standard
  • Independent Press 
  • News Democrat 
  • Ripley Bee 
  • The Castigator And Democratic Expositor 
  • The Political Framler And Democratic Expositor 
  • The Ripley Bee 
  • The Ripley Bee And Times 
  • The Ripley Times 
  • The Times Leader
  • The Daily Times And The Daily Leader

Champaign County
Champaign County Library

  • Urbana Citizen 
  • Urbana Daily Citizen
  • Logan Countys Indian Lake Current
  • Mechanicsburg Telegram 
  • Logan Countys River Current 
  • Urbana Daily Democrat 
  • Champaign Democrat 
  • Press Republic 
  • Urbana Democrat 
  • Citizen And Gazette 
  • Urbana Citizen And Gazette 
  • Urbana Citizen And Gazette And Champaign Republican 
  • Country Collustrator 
  • Country Collustrator And Mad River Courant
  • Urbana Morning Tribune 
  • Urbana Daily Times Citizen 
  • Daily Press 
  • Urbana Free Press 
  • Informer 
  • Mac A Cheek Press 
  • Mad River Courant
  • Urbana News Letter And Mad River Courant 
  • Ohioan And Mad River Journal 
  • Ohio State Democrat 
  • Urbana Press 
  • Urbana Record 
  • Rush Light 
  • Urbana Tribune 
  • Urbana Union 
  • Ways Of The World 
  • Western Citizen 
  • Western Citizen And Urbana Gazette
  • Western Dominion 
  • Logan County River Current

St. Paris Public Library

  • Champaign County Dispatch
  • Evening News Dispatch
  • Holiday Reporter
  • Lena Conover Searchlight
  • New Era
  • News Dispatch
  • Quiver
  • Saint Paris Enterprise
  • Saint Paris News
  • Saint Paris News Dispatch
  • Saint Paris Press
  • Searchlight
  • St Paris Dispatch
  • St Paris Era Dispatch
  • St Paris Examiner
  • St Paris New Era
  • St Paris News
  • St Paris News Dispatch

Columbiana County 

Leetonia Community Public Library

  • Columbiana Correspondence
  • Columbiana True Press
  • Independent Register
  • Leetonia Democrat
  • Leetonia Reporter
  • Leetonia Semi-Weekly Reporter
  • The Leetonia Courier

Lepper Public Library

  • Aurora 
  • Buckeye State 
  • Daily Patriot 
  • Evening Journal 
  • Fair Daily
  • Journal 
  • Morning Journal 
  • New Lisbon Journal 
  • Ohio Patriot 
  • Ohio Patriot And Farmers And Mechanics Shield 
  • Ohio Patriot And New Lisbon Gazette 
  • Ohio Patriot And New Lisbon Weekly Advertiser 
  • Republican Leader 
  • The Buckeye State And Lisbon Journal 
  • Western Palladium 

Carnegie Public Library 

  • Review 

Erie County
Huron Public Library

  • Erie County Reporter
  • The Reporter 
  • Erie County Reporter And Berlin Call 
  • The Weekly Newspaper

Franklin County
Westland Area Library

  • West Columbus Messenger
  • The Westside Messenger 
  • Lincoln Village Railsplitter

Southwest Public Libraries

  • The Grove City Record

Fulton County
Swanton Public Library

  • Swanton Enterprise

Archbold Community Library

  • Archbold Buckeye

Bean Creek Valley History Center

  • Fayette Review
  • The Fayette Journal
  • The Fayette Record
  • The Fayette Review

Delta Public Library

Gallia County
Bossard Memorial Library

  • Gallipolis Daily Tribune
  • Times Sentinel
  • Gallia Times
  • Gallipolis Tribune
  • Daily Tribune
  • Saturday Times Sentinel
  • Daily Sentinel
  • The Gallipolis Daily Tribune 

Hancock County
Findlay-Hancock County Public Library

  • Courier Union
  • Daily Courier
  • Daily Jeffersonian
  • Democratic Courier
  • Evening Jeffersonian
  • Findlay Courier
  • Findlay Daily Courier
  • Findlay Daily Jeffersonian
  • Findlay Daily Republican
  • Findlay Daily Star
  • Findlay Jeffersonian
  • Findlay Republican
  • Findlay Union
  • Findlay Weekly Republican
  • Findlay Weekly Union
  • Hancock County Herald
  • Hancock County News-Democrat
  • Hancock Courier
  • Hancock Jeffersonian
  • Hancock Journal
  • Home Companion
  • McComb Herald
  • Morning Republican
  • Republican Jeffersonian
  • The Morning Republican
  • Weekly Jeffersonian

Hardin County
Ada Public Library

  • The Ada Herald 
  • The Ada Record
  • University Herald 
  • Herald
  • The Ada Commercial
  • The Commencement News

Forest Jackson Public Library

  • Forest Review

Holmes County
Holmes County District Public Library

  • Holmes County Farmer
  • Farmer And Democrat
  • Holmes County Farmer Free Press

Huron County
Bellevue Public Library

  • Bellevue Daily Gazette 
  • Bellevue Gazette 
  • Bellevue Local News 
  • Bellevue News 
  • Bellevue Record
  • Evening Gazette 

Huron County Community Library

  • Chicago Junction Telegraph
  • Chicago Times 
  • Enterprise Review 
  • Erie County Reporter 
  • Erie County Reporter And Berlin Call 
  • Fairfield County 
  • Greenwich Enterprise Review 
  • Huron County 
  • Independent Press 
  • New London Record 
  • North Fairfield Gazette 
  • The Reporter 
  • The Weekly Newspaper 
  • Times 
  • Wakeman Independent Press 
  • Wakeman Press 
  • Willard Junction 
  • Willard Telegraph 
  • Willard Times 
  • Willard Times Junction 
  • Year in Review 

Licking County
Mary Babcock Library Newspapers

  • Johnstown Independent 
  • The Johnstown Independent 
  • The Johnstown Weekly Independent 

Lorain County
Avon Lake Public Library

  • The Press

Mercer County
Coldwater Public Library

  • Mercer County Chronicle
  • Coldwater Chronicle
  • St Henry Advocate
  • Mercer County Chronicle Journal
  • Celina Advocate

Fort Recovery Public Library

  • Fort Recovery Journal 
  • Fort Recovery Record 
  • Fort Recovery Times 
  • Fort Recovery Tribune 
  • Journal 
  • Journal and the Mercer County Photo News 
  • Journal Mercer County Photo Weekly 
  • Mercer County Chronicle Journal 
  • Mercer County Observer 
  • Tri County Record 

Medina County

Medina County District Library

  • Apple Blossom
  • Bowman’s Facts And Fun For Farmers
  • Brunswick Signal
  • Highlighter
  • Home Banner
  • Match Tips
  • Medina County Gazette
  • Medina County News
  • Medina Democrat
  • Medina Mirror
  • Medina Trading Post
  • Medinamite
  • Morning Star
  • Ohio Free Press
  • Permold News
  • Seville Weekly Times
  • The Constitutionalist
  • The Daily News
  • The Democrat
  • The Democratic Whig
  • The Lodi Advertiser
  • The Lodi Review
  • The Madison Pickle Vine
  • The Medina County Republican
  • The Medina Democrat
  • The Medina Examiner
  • The Ohio Free Press and Medina County Advertiser
  • The Seville Weekly Times
  • The Valley City Visitor
  • The Watchtower
  • The Young Folks
  • The Young Folks Gems
  • Weber’s Banner

Ottawa County
Oak Harbor Public Library

  • Exponent 
  • Ottawa County Exponent 

Paulding County
Paulding County Carnegie Library

  • Anthony Wayne Standard
  • Antwerp Argus
  • Antwerp Bee
  • Antwerp Bee Argus
  • Antwerp Gazette
  • Grover Hill News
  • Independent
  • Independent News
  • North Western Ohio Independent News
  • Oakwood News
  • Paulding County Gazette
  • Paulding County Progress
  • Paulding County Republican
  • Paulding Democrat
  • Paulding Independent
  • Paulding Journal
  • Paulding Progress
  • Paulding Republican
  • Payne Reflector
  • Payne Reflector and Press Review
  • Payne Star
  • Plain Dealer

Preble County
Brown Memorial Library

  • Leader 
  • Lewisburg Leader
  • The Lewisburg Leader 

Richland County
Mansfield and Richland County Public Library

  • Bellville Independent
  • Bellville Messenger
  • Bellville Star
  • Butler Enterprise
  • Butler Times
  • Daily Shield and Banner
  • Independent Star
  • Mansfield Daily Banner
  • Mansfield Daily Herald
  • Mansfield Daily News
  • Mansfield Daily Shield
  • Mansfield Democrat
  • Mansfield Flag
  • Mansfield Gazette
  • Mansfield Gazette and Richland Farmer
  • Mansfield Herald
  • Mansfield Semi Weekly Herald
  • Mansfield Sunday News
  • Morning Call
  • Ohio Liberal
  • Richland County Democrat
  • Richland County Leader
  • Richland Democrat
  • Richland Shield and Banner
  • Richland Star
  • Semi Weekly News
  • Sunday Morning Call
  • Ulster County Gazette
  • Weekly Independent
  • Weekly News
  • Western Sentinel
  • Worthington Enterprise

Marvin Memorial Library

  • Daily Globe
  • Express 
  • Independent News 
  • Shelby Chronicle 
  • Shelby Daily Globe
  • Shelby Independent News 
  • Shelby News
  • Shelby Times 
  • Plymouth Journal
  • The Globe Special
  • The Shoppers Helper
  • The Shoppers Helper – Plymouth

Seneca County
Seneca East Public Library 

  • Attica Hub
  • Attica Journal 
  • Attica Semi Weekly Hub 
  • Attica Weekly Hub 
  • Current Wave 
  • Hub
  • Republic Reporter

Stark County
Stark County District Library

  • Canton Daily News 
  • Canton Evening Times 
  • Canton Morning News 
  • Canton News Democrat 
  • Democratic Transcript 
  • News Democrat 
  • Stark County Democrat 
  • Stark County Republican 

Trumbull County
McKinley Memorial Library

  • Niles Daily Times
  • The Daily Times
  • The Niles Daily News
  • The Niles Standard 
  • The Niles Time
  • The Times 
  • The Niles Daily Times And The Niles Standard
  • The Niles Times 
  • Niles Evening Register 
  • Youngstown Telegram

Wayne County
Wayne County Public Library 

  • Community News
  • Creston Journal
  • Daily Republican
  • Dalton Advertiser
  • Dalton Gazette
  • Dalton Monthly Gazette
  • Iron Valley Reporter
  • Jacksonian
  • Main Street Press
  • Press
  • Rittman Press
  • Shreve Chronicle
  • Shreve Daily
  • Shreve News
  • Signal
  • Spencer News
  • Tri County News
  • Tri County Weekly News
  • Wayne County Democrat
  • Wayne County Herald
  • West Salem Messenger
  • West Salem Weekly
  • Wooster Daily News
  • Wooster Daily Republican
  • Wooster Democrat
  • Wooster Journal And Democratic Times
  • Wooster Morning Republican
  • Wooster Republican
  • Wooster Daily Record

Wood County
Rossford Public Library

  • Record 
  • Roosford Record Journal 
  • Rossford Record 

Way Public Library

  • Buckeye Granger 
  • Democrat 
  • Fort Meigs Reveille
  • Perrysburg Journal
  • Weekly Perrysburg Journal 
  • Perrysburg Weekly Journal 
  • Perrysburg Semi-Weekly Journal 
  • Journal 
  • Messenger 
  • Maumee Valley Democrat 
  • Messenger News 
  • Perrysburg Messenger Journal 
  • Miami Of The Lake 
  • Miami Of The Lake Erie 
  • Perrysburg News
  • Northwestern Democrat 
  • Ohio Whig
  • Perrysburg Star 
  • Wood County Independent
  • Wood County Packet 
  • Perrysburg Messenger Journal 
  • Maumee Valley Pioneer 

Weston Public Library

  • Weston Leader 
  • Weston Weekly Leader 

Wayne Public Library 

  • Bloomdale Derrick 
  • Cygnet Review 
  • Prairie Depot Observer 
  • Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Wayne Observer 
  • Rittman Press
  • Dalton Gazette
  • Main Street Press
  • Press
  • Wayne County Herald
  • Creston Journal
  • Dalton Advertiser
  • Wooster Republican
  • Wooster Daily News
  • Dalton Monthly Gazette
  • Iron Valley Reporter

Wood County District Public Library

  • Bowling Green Advocate
  • Bowling Green Sentinel
  • Bradner Advocate
  • Daily Sentinel
  • Daily Sentinel Tribune
  • Risingsun Unique Weekly
  • Sentinel
  • The Daily Gazette
  • The Wood County Free Press
  • Unique Derrick
  • Unique Weekly
  • Wood County Gazette
  • Wood County Sentinel
  • Wood County Sentinel And Gazette
  • Wood County Sentinel Tribune
  • Wood County Weekly Sentinel

Wyandot County
Dorcas Carey Public Library

  • Carey Daily Times 
  • Carey Progressor 
  • Carey Times 
  • Carey Weekly Times 
  • Mohawk Leader 
  • Progressor Times 
  • The Progressor Times

Athens Newspaper Archives

Cincinnati and Hamilton County Newspapers

Cleveland Public Library index only

  • Cleveland Necrology File
    • Cleveland Herald (1833, 1847–1848, 1876, 1878–1879)
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer (1850–1975)
    • Cleveland Press (1941–1975)
  • Cleveland News Index
    • Cleveland Magazine (1983–2014)
    • Northern Ohio Live (1990–2009)
    • Ohio Magazine (1990–2014)
    • Plain Dealer (1983–1999)

Cleveland Public Library Local Newspapers

  • Brooklyn News Times
  • Household Realm
  • Plain Press
  • East Side Daily News
  • The Tremonster

Findlay-Hancock County Public Library Digital Collection

  • Arcadia – The Arcadia News – 1904-1929
  • Arlington – Arlington Gazette – 1898
  • Arlington – The Arlington Hi-Crier – 1937
  • Findlay – Democratic Courier – 1845
  • Findlay – Findlay Courier – 1837-1841
  • Findlay – Findlay Courier and Hancock County Democrat – 1843-1844
  • Findlay – Findlay Daily Jeffersonian – 1880-1885
  • Findlay – Hancock Jeffersonian – 1862-1868
  • Findlay – Hancock Journal – 1850
  • Findlay – The American Patron – 1875
  • Findlay – The Blue and Gold – 1927
  • Findlay – The Western Herald – 1845
  • Jenera – The Jenera News – 1939
  • Van Buren – Hilltop Krier – 1931
  • Van Buren – The Aggravator – 1930
  • Vanlue – The Weekly Joy – 1883

Forest Area Historical Society Archives

  • Forest News 
  • Forest Review 
  • Forest Journal
  • Review-Advertiser 

Garnet A. Wilson Public Library of Pike County Digital Collection

  • Atomizer
  • Courier Watchman
  • Pike County Republican
  • Republican Herald
  • Waverly Democrat
  • Waverly News
  • Waverly Watchman
  • Weekly Courier

Minster Newspapers

Norwalk Newspaper Archive

  • Norwalk Experiment
  • Norwalk Reflector 
  • Norwalk Reporter and Huron Advertiser 

Richland County Newspaper Index

  • Mansfield News Journal
  • Mansfield Observer
  • Mansfield Semi Weekly Herald
  • Mansfield Semi Weekly News
  • Mansfield Weekly News
  • Ohio Liberal
  • Ohio Observer
  • Richland Shield And Banner
  • Weekly News
  • Western Sentinel

Student Collections:

Alliance High School – Alliance

Antioch College – Yellow Springs

Ashland University – Ashland

Bluffton University – Bluffton

Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green

Capital University – Columbus

Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland

Cedarville University – Cedarville

Cleveland High School Student Newspapers (a few yearbooks)

Cleveland State University – Cleveland

College of Wooster – Wooster

Collinwood High School – Cleveland

Defiance College – Defiance

Denison University – Granville

East Technical High School – Cleveland

Findlay High School – Findlay

Glenville High School – Cleveland

Greensburg High School – Greensburg

Heights High School – Cleveland Heights

James Ford Rhodes High School – Cleveland

John Adams High School – Cleveland

John Carroll University – University Heights

John Hay High School – Cleveland

Kent State University – Kent

Kenyon College – Gambier

Lincoln High School – Cleveland

Marietta College – Marietta

Miami University – Oxford

Mount Saint Josephs University – Cincinnati

Oberlin College – Oberlin

Ohio Dominican University – Columbus

Ohio Northern University – Ada

Ohio State University – Columbus

Ohio University – Athens

Ohio Wesleyan University – Delaware

Otterbein University – Westervile

Salem High School – Salem

Shaker Heights High School – Shaker Heights

Sinclair Community College – Dayton

Tiffin University – Tiffin

University of Akron – Akron

University of Dayton – Dayton

University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati

University of Toledo – Toledo

The College of Wooster

Walnut Hills High School – Cincinnati

West High School – Cleveland

Western College – Oxford

West Technical High School

William Mason High School – Mason

Wittenberg University – Springfield

Wooster High School – Wooster

  1. The Wooster Blade

Wright State University – Dayton

Xavier University – Cincinnati

Youngstown State University – Youngstown

Miscellaneous Collections and Indexes:

1840’s Campaign Newspapers 

  • Log Cabin
  • That Same Old Coon
  • Ohio Coon Catcher
  • Coon Dissector
  • Reserve Battery

African American Experience in Ohio 1850-1920

Cleveland Jewish News Digital Archive 

  • Cleveland Jewish News (1964– )
  • Hebrew Observer (1889–1890, 1897–1898)
  • Jewish Independent (1906–1964)
  • Jewish Review (1895–1899)
  • Jewish Review and Observer (1899–1958)
  • Jewish World (1913–1952)

Wright Brothers Newspaper Collection

Cedarville University Local Newspaper Collection

Town Newspapers of the Five Colleges of Ohio

Independent Voices – Alternative Newspapers

  • Credences
  • Lost and Found Times
  • Marrahwannah Quarterly, The
  • OPAC Newsletter
  • Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight
  • Skydove
  • Sour Grapes
  • Star Spangled Bummer
  • USAF

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Newspapers 1933-1941

Old Fulton Postcards

  • Cleveland OH Ohio Socialist
  • Cleveland OH Dirva   (Lithuanian)
  • Cleveland OH Toiler
  • Columbus OH Statesman
  • Saint Paris OH Dispatch
  • Saint Paris OH Enterprise
  • Saint Paris OH New Era
  • Saint Paris OH News
  • Saint Paris OH News Dispatch

Small Town Papers

Newspaper Abstracts – Ohio

For Obituary Indexes, transcriptions, and other death/obituary information from historic newspapers, please check out the Obituaries page.

Other Free Sites:



Bowling Green










Mount Vernon















Yellow Springs


Subscription or Pay Sites:


There are currently 190 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Ancestry – Ohio Newspapers

Genealogy Bank:

There are currently 508 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Genealogy Bank – Ohio Newspapers

Newspaper Archive:

There are currently 655 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Newspaper Archive – Ohio


There are currently 311 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Newspapers.com – Ohio 

And Finally:

You also need to check out the Ohio National Digital Newspapers Project site, which can tell you what is occurring in the state with regard to newspaper digitization projects. 

Please note – even more may be available via a local library where a library card is required. And of course, there is always microfilm for those that have not been made available online as yet.

For more links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspaper Links page on this website.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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14 replies on “Ohio Online Historical Newspapers Summary”

The paper you have listed for Chillicothe, Ohio –
• Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Newspaper Archives 1889-2009
is actually for Chillicothe, Missouri.

I am looking for the death of an ancestor, Daniel D Davies. I found him and his family in the 1880 census. They were living in Bridgeport, Belmont Ohio and he was working in a Rolling Mill. His wife shows up widowed in PA in 1900. I started looking for answers in old newspapers. I found a site that said my ancertor was mentioned in 2 articles in the Gallipolis Journal. The first was 24 July 1884 (Page 3 Column 1) and the second 31 July 1884 (Page 2 Column 4). The link this site had was no longer viable. I was wondering if you could help me or point me in the right direction?
Thanks so much for your help.

I wish I knew the largest city/town that had at least a weekly paper during the early 1800’s near Kirtland, Lake, Ohio, where some of my ancestors resided before moving on to Wisconsin.

I just checked for those links. They are not available from either Chronicling America or Ohio Memory yet. So sorry.

Wow! The state by state lists of newspaper resources is fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to pull all these resources together.

We recently had 40 rolls of (mainly) Wauseon Ohio newspapers digitized by Advantage Preservation. The website is: fultoncounty.advantage-preservation.com. This should go under the listing for Fulton County Ohio.
Also, I noticed that the Delta Atlas is listed under “Other Free Sites”. This collection is actually accessible through the Delta Public Library at: https://deltapubliclibrary.org/ and click on newspaper archives.

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