Veridian Adds/Updates 375 Titles – October 2023

Veridian Software has many clients with collections of digitized newspapers that can be searched for free. Over 88 million pages currently.

They power California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Virginia,  Washington, and Wyoming state newspaper collections. And country-wide collections, such as Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, and Switzerland.

Veridian is the name of the software and service package created by DL Consulting,  headquartered in Hamilton, New Zealand.

This past month, they have added or updated 375 titles from 15 collections.

Here is the list of their new collections and the collections that had additions; plus the date range available for that title.

The Catholic News Archive      

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection  

Wyoming Digital Newspaper Collection      

Consortium of Pentecostal Archives      

Virginia Chronicle: Digital Newspaper Archive      

National Library of Estonia      

Israel National Library      

The NYS Historic Newspapers      

HRVH Historical Newspapers     

Swiss National Library      

The Lawrenceville School Digital Publication Collection   

Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections      

University of Pennsylvania – Bennett News Collection      

Daily Pennsylvanian Digital Archives      

Washington State Library Digital Newspapers      

Check out their website at Veridian Software to learn more about them. And as always, you can see all the free online newspaper links collected by The Ancestor Hunt in Newspaper Links

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